Record Of Rose Hanbury Affair Rumors Disappears Into Thin Air & We Smell A Royal Family Cover-Up

No, you're not going crazy! The affair rumors surrounding Rose Hanbury have been suddenly disappearing off the internet. So, many are left to wonder — could this be the doing of the royal family?

Prior to 2024, Hanbury was a name that not many were familiar with. However, when Kate Middleton suddenly went MIA at the beginning of the year, wild conspiracy theories circulated the internet regarding her whereabouts. One of the most prominent rumors was that Kate was taking time away because she discovered Prince William was having an affair with her former friend, Hanbury. Now, the public knows that's not the truth as she was dealing with her cancer diagnosis. However, many still believe that something romantic went down between Hanbury and William. While we may never know the truth, it seems a bit sketchy that articles about the rumored affair are disappearing into thin air.

Vulture reported that between 2019 to 2024 there have either been significant changes to stories about Hanbury. For example, The Sun released an article about the rumored feud between Hanbury and Kate in 2019 that has since been deleted. Other articles that discussed the rumored affair, like one published by Lainey Gossip, cite tweets that people were aware of the affair. However, those tweets have been deleted. It all seems a bit strange, and if anything, these deleted and updated stories have only fueled the speculation that Prince William and Hanbury were once engaged in an affair.

Rose Hanbury has not stayed silent amid affair rumors

The royal family is known for being a bit shady at times, especially when it comes to the media. According to the BBC, even Prince Harry once spoke of this "invisible contract" between the royal family and the press; they both benefit from each other and have some sort of control over one another. The royal family, however, would never admit to this nor if they had any doings with the disappearing stories or updates regarding Rose Hanbury. However, people find it all too convenient that these articles about Hanbury's rumored affair with Prince William are disappearing. And while the royal family may not speak on the speculated affair, Hanbury has.

Hanbury told Business Insider via her lawyer that the gossip surrounding her and Prince William is "completely false." The former model has even taken legal action to shut down the rumors. According to In Touch (via Us Weekly), she had sent "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" a warning, after the talk show host made jokes about William and Hanbury's supposed romance. The former model's lawyers shared a statement about the notice, saying, "We have written on our client's behalf to CBS and various other reputable media organizations to confirm that the allegation is false." Hanbury wasn't messing around, but even with her efforts and the disappearing stories on the internet, people are still talking about her rumored affair with William.