Celebs Who Can't Stand Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes doesn't exactly have a sterling reputation. The Blade star is known for his "difficult" on-set persona and some wild behavior off-set, too. From being a savage troll on Twitter to acting like Michael Jackson's "bodyguard," Snipes' real-life persona seems as epic as the superhero characters he plays. 

While the Money Train actor has certainly garnered a few haters for being, well, Wesley Snipes, he does have some pals in high places, such as his absolutely adorable bromance with White Men Can't Jump co-star Woody Harrelson. The duo has been close since acting together in the early '90s, and Harrelson even went out on a limb for his pal and wrote a reference letter to help his "brother" during the sentencing portion of his tax evasion trial back in 2008. That's sweet, but not every celeb paints such a rosy picture of Snipes. Although the on-screen vampire hunter is allegedly doing better these days, plenty of celebs downright can't stand the guy. Read on and find out why. 

Ryan Reynolds definitely won't be working with Blade again

Ryan Reynolds certainly keeps up the popular rumor of Canadians being impeccably polite. In fact, the Vancouver-born actor is so nice, that even the shade he threw at his Blade: Trinity co-star, Wesley Snipes, was carefully couched in civility. Rumor has it that Snipes referred to Reynolds as "that cracker," and fellow co-star Patton Oswalt also noted that Snipes seemed less than enthused to be working with the Canuck. "A lot of the lines that Ryan Reynolds has were just a result of Wesley not being there. We would all just think of things for him to say and then cut to Wesley's face not doing anything because that's all we could get from him," Oswalt told The AV Club

In an interview years later with Première, Reynolds was asked if he'd consider participating in a fourth Blade flick. His response was immediate: "No," accompanied by a whole lot of head shaking and an awkward chuckle. 

J.Lo claims Wesley Snipes iced her out after she turned him down

Jennifer Lopez was at the top of the world in the late '90s, having starred in the biopic Selena in 1996 and solidifying herself as a Hollywood staple. Her swagger was next-level — who can forget her saucy dance halfway through the "If You Had My Love" music video? In other words, J.Lo was riding high in 1998 when she gave a now-legendary interview with Movieline that slammed a number of big Hollywood names — Snipes included. Having worked with both the Blade alum and his longtime buddy, Woody Harrelson, on Money Train, Lopez dished about her time with them on set. 

Both actors allegedly flirted with Jenny from the block, but she claims Harrelson got the hint that she wasn't interested. "But Wesley — even though I had a boyfriend at the time — went full-court press ... He would invite us all out together and then at the end of the night, he'd drop me off last and try to kiss me. I'd be like, 'Wesley, please, I'm not interested in you like that.'" Snipes supposedly responded by icing out Lopez and not speaking to her for months. "Actors are used to getting their way and treating women like objects," she said. Lopez suspected Snipes would be pretty pissed that she'd dissed him in the press, but she reportedly laughed about it and said, "It's time for the truth to come out!"

Mike Tyson supposedly KO'd Wesley Snipes

Everyone knows Mike Tyson was once an incredible boxer, so who would be brazen enough to try and take down the former heavyweight champion of the world? Wesley Snipes, of course! According to Bleacher Report, the actor is a "fifth level black belt in Shotokan Karate and has trained in various aspects of mixed martial arts since he was 12," and maybe that's why the action star supposedly thought he could go toe-to-toe with Iron Mike. 

Tyson's former bodyguard, Rudy Gonzalez, recalled a scuffle between Snipes and his boss in his 1995 book, The Inner Ring. According to Gonzalez (via ScrapDigest), Tyson asked Gonzalez to keep an eye on his girlfriend, and so he did, tailing her to a Los Angeles hangout where she allegedly cozied up with Snipes. Gonzalez told Tyson, who decided to pay a visit to the joint. When Tyson's girlfriend "caught sight of him, she practically fell out of Snipes lap and onto the floor," Gonzalez wrote. The boxer reportedly told Snipes to accompany him to the restroom. There was a "big noise inside, and then Tyson emerged alone," Gonzalez said. When he "cracked open the bathroom door. Wesley Snipes was sitting against the far wall, head tilted to one side, unconscious."

Patton Oswalt claims Wesley Snipes went 'crazy' filming Blade: Trinity

Wesley Snipes reportedly rubbed quite a few people the wrong way during the filming of Blade: Trinity. Co-star Patton Oswalt didn't mince words when discussing the making of the moving on The Pete Holmes Show: "If you just sit and watch Blade: Trinity, it's a D-. It just doesn't work, but if you know what they went through to get that movie made, it is an A+. The fact that that movie exists puts it above Citizen Kane." The Citizen Kane of bad movies? Really? 

Oh yah, Oswalt meant what he said. "Wesley Snipes was going crazy, and he wouldn't come out of his trailer. And you'd walk by his trailer and this wall of pot stench would kind of push you to the side, and then he would only answer to the name 'Blade,'" Oswalt alleged that at one point, Snipes began communicating with the director via Post-it notes, signed "Blade."  

When Vice later asked Snipes to address all that shade, the action star claimed the rumors about method acting and staying in his trailer were "false." As for the Post-it notes? "That may have happened," he said.

Corbin Bernsen says Wesley Snipes ditched his roots

Wesley Snipes' first significant role was in 1989's Major League, where he played a baseball player alongside Corbin Bernsen (pictured) and Charlie Sheen. The trio produced comedic gold, and the film became cult classic. "It's one of those movies that when you're sitting around on a rainy day, you're going through the millions of movies available on the different platforms and you get to Major League and think, 'Oh yeah, that's a good movie,' and you stick it on," Bernsen told Forbes in 2019.

However, even though that flick catapulted Snipes to the major leagues in Hollywood, the actor's ego may have outgrown its breakout role. When asked to return for Major League II, Snipes decided against it — even though the majority of his co-stars chose to reprise their roles. Bernsen remembers a conversation with Snipes prior to the making of the sequel. "I said, 'Hey, man, they're gonna make Major League II!' And [Snipes] was like, 'You're gonna do that?' And I thought, 'Wow, how quickly they forget.' He'd become Wesley Snipes," Bernsen told Sports Illustrated. "That rubbed me the wrong way."

Joe Rogan wanted to choke the [beep] out of Wesley Snipes

Celebrity fighting competitions always attract a lot of attention. Even a theoretical UFC brawl between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise captivated the masses in 2019. Another highly-anticipated matchup that never happened: Snipes versus Tae kwon do champ and comedian Joe Rogan. That juicy beef started in 2005, with Rogan telling MMA Weekly: "I want the fight and now it's up to Wesley Snipes to accept." Considering Snipes has a background in martial arts, fans were all about it. 

Alas, the showdown never materialized. Years later, Rogan spoke to Fox Sports about how badly he wanted to fight the Hollywood action star. "I was like 'I'm gonna choke the (expletive) out of this guy. I'm gonna get a hold of him, and I'm gonna squeeze the (expletive) out of him, and they're gonna give me a lot of money..." Apparently, Snipes never accepted the challenge, but considering his career cooled after Blade: Trinity, maybe there's still time to get these two in a ring. 

Stacy Francis said Snipes broke her heart

Although Wesley Snipes' methods of seduction didn't exactly fly with J.Lo, he did manage to woo Stacy Francis of the girl group Ex-Girlfriend ... and then he tore her heart to pieces.

Francis spilled the tea about Snipes during an episode of Celebrity Big Brother in 2017 (per the Daily Mail). She said she met him while working as a backup singer for Chaka Khan. According to the tab, "sparks flew" and the duo engaged in "an intense yearlong affair." And after that? "It was like I didn't exist," Francis said. In fact, the R&B starlet told her reality TV housemates that because of Snipes, she's wary of new relationships. "The first man to break my heart was Wesley Snipes," she said. 

Considering Snipes doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to dating, we'd say this diva dodged a bullet.

Did Wesley Snipes try to strangle his Blade: Trinity director?

By now, it's practically legend that Wesley Snipes' behavior annoyed the cast and crew of Blade: Trinity. One person that may be forever scarred by that experience: Director David Goyer. "That was the most personally and professionally difficult and painful thing I've ever been through," he told Uproxx in 2016, noting that he had not talked to Snipes since the film concluded. As if to put a finer point on it, Goyer noted that he has "incredibly fond memories of working with Ryan [Reynolds] and Jessica [Biel] and a lot of people on the movie."

Goyer referred to the project as "a challenged shoot," but actor Patton Oswalt painted a more detailed picture about the tense dynamics between Snipes and Goyer. Oswalt claimed Snipes "tried to strangle" Goyer and even told the director to quit the project. "You're detrimental to this movie," Swipes supposedly told Goyer, who allegedly countered by telling Snipes to quit, claiming he could film the rest of the film with stand-ins. That sounds challenging and painful, indeed.

Nas had a 'weird little moment' with Wesley Snipes

A special moment got really awkward really fast when Wesley Snipes allegedly put his hands on rapper Nas in a New York City nightclub. The "One Love" rapper shared his Snipes snafu with Vice in 2012. The whole thing reportedly went down at a party for the Shaft premiere after model Grace Jones spilled a drink on her and Nas. "She looked at me. She grabbed me ... and just licked her arm where the drink had fell ... I was starstruck, turned on, I thought I was in the twilight zone, and she probably didn't even know who I was." Things got even weirder from there.

"Someone else grabbed me. It's Wesley Snipes," recalled Nas. He said Snipes shoved him and asked, "Are you a rapper or a scientist?" Nas thought, "Damn, Wesley Snipes pushed me kind of hard! ... Damn, Wesley Snipes is about to do some Blade s**t to me." Nas claimed he shoved Snipes back and told the actor: "You won't make it out of here alive." The situation never came to blows, and Nas summed up the entire exchange as just a "weird little moment." 

What got under Snipes skin at that party? Perhaps he was just salty about not starring in Shaft, which he allegedly turned down before the gig went to Samuel L. Jackson. 

Rumor has it that Wesley Snipes injured Halle Berry

One Hollywood rumor that's been circulating for years involves Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, her ear, and her numerous ex-boyfriends. According to Hip Hollywood, the Monster's Ball starlet revealed that one of her exes punched her in the head, causing hearing loss in one of her ears. Initially, some folks thought the attacker was former baseball star David Justice. Others blamed R&B singer Christopher Williams. Both men denied the allegations. 

Justice tweeted "it wasn't me" and then shifted the focus in another direction with this since-deleted Twitter post (via Hip Hollywood): "It was a former Hollywood boyfriend (WS)..." Hmm, what could WS stand for? Williams was even more direct during an interview with EURWEB (via Contact Music): "Wesley Snipes busted her eardrum, not me," he claimed. 

Berry has never publicly pointed a finger at Snipes, her Jungle Fever co-star, but according to the Daily Mail, she did squash the rumors that Justice was to blame for her hearing loss. She also admitted on The Late Late Show with James Corden that there are two actors she will never work with again. Once again, she didn't dish names, but she did say that one of them is "super-duper famous" and "not too tall" and the other "went to jail" and used to be famous but "not so much anymore." Could the latter be Snipes, who served time for not filing tax returns? We'll leave that mystery to you to solve.