Here's How Much Liza Koshy Is Really Worth

Liza Koshy is a YouTube star, a red carpet host, an up-and-coming actress, and a brand-savvy entrepreneur. She's also rich. Thanks to an entrance in the online sphere during her early years in Houston, as well as a range of online opportunities that have continued to pop up as she's gotten older, Koshy is raking in the cash. And she certainly hasn't limited herself — or her earning potential — to the internet. The multi-talented star has landed gigs on both television and in film that have not only boosted her profile but have also contributed to her massive net worth. And if that's not impressive enough, she's turned her signature style into another money-maker.

While that sounds like a lot for one person to take on, Koshy admitted that she's "just doing one day at a time" while chatting with Vogue in 2017 for one of their "73 Questions" interviews (something she's been known to parody in the past in her own "off-brand knock-off version"). Summing up her career, Koshy explained that she "[makes] content to make people feel content." That's not a bad way to make a living while also banking more money than you might ever have imagined.

If you've ever wondered just how much money online stars can make if they embrace their range of potential, then be sure to check out how much Liza Koshy is really worth.

Liza Koshy's early Vine beginnings

Do you remember Vine (R.I.P.)? If you're unaware, Vine was a popular social media sharing service that allowed users to create short videos that they could then post to (what they surely hoped was) the delight of their followers. It was also the early online playground of plenty of future internet stars, including Logan Paul, Brittany Furlan, and Liza Koshy. 

Starting out on the now-defunct platform as a teenager soon after the app launched in 2013, Koshy, who "specializes in punnery, physical gags, and parodies," according to Forbes, spoke to the publication in 2018 about her very first video, which was a six-second recording on her cellphone. "It was just me, with my phone, in my car, dancing along, talking or making a really bad joke," she said. Koshy also quipped that her initial fame-making antics were, in fact, the real reason "why Vine died. Sorry about that."

Quickly gaining traction on Vine, Koshy soon developed more focused content, which helped her earn around seven million followers and proved that she had the potential to turn her online presence into a professional money-making career. Despite that undeniable success, she wanted to be able to post longer clips than what the limited platform allowed, which meant that it was time to move on. She explained, "I eventually realized that I could talk for much longer than that."

Moving on to YouTube stardom

After finding success on Vine, Liza Koshy decided to hop over to YouTube in 2015 to give herself more room to play. With over 17 million subscribers at the time of this writing, Koshy is "one of the most popular content creators on the site," according to Seventeen. When asked by Vogue what it's like to have more subscribers than there are people in the country of Belgium, Koshy first questioned the fact, asking, "Are you serious?" She then added, "Wow, Belgium has great chocolate. What an honor!"

But Koshy's YouTube dominance didn't stop there. She also launched a second YouTube channel, Liza Koshy Too, and in 2018, took things up a notch by producing and starring in the YouTube Premium series Liza on Demand. The Season 2 launch of this scripted comedy, which follows her quirky misadventures, became YouTube's most-watched original debut. With over 2 billion views on her channels, Forbes reported that Koshy was estimated to have made seven figures in 2017 "thanks largely to her online output." That why it's understandable that she's said, "The worst advice I've ever received was 'Don't post on YouTube, it's dying.'"

Koshy now has her own advice for those who are interested in YouTube content creation (and perhaps fortune-sparking stardom). "Make an account, start uploading videos, and then be yourself," she explained to Vogue. "It's very cliché, but nobody else can do it."

Her money-making content is sometimes content about money

Making content has been a money-making endeavor for Liza Koshy, which is why it makes sense that she makes content about money. The YouTube star sometimes discusses finances in her videos, like "HOW TO SAVE YOUR MONEY!!" in which she tries to teach her viewers to be cheap like she proudly claims to be. Or rather, she claims that others call her cheap, adding, "I love pinching pennies. Especially with penny's consent." Well, that's good. She then assures her viewers that "there's really nothing wrong with cheapskates" before giving them a lesson on how to pinpoint if they themselves lean on the stingy side. No shame in the saving game!

On that note, Koshy took her followers on a shopping trip to a Dollar Tree in "GET MONEY!! DOLLAR STORE WITH LIZZZA." Granted, you can score some pretty sweet deals, but Koshy did falter when considering 12 rolls of toilet paper: "Wait, a dollar? Should I really wipe my booty with this?" That's a choice every shopper has to make for themselves.

There's also "GOOGLING MYSELF!! MY NET WORTH," and while Koshy apparently only had $2 million at the time, she still seemed impressed with herself, saying, "I am the price of a house." Although she did note that she thought it was "all very incorrect," Koshy added that it "was a confidence boost."

Liza Koshy has taken her talents to TV

Liza Koshy's screen-worthy, audience-pleasing talents aren't only suited for performing on the internet. The funny lady's acting skills have helped her land work on television shows, as well. From 2016 to 2017, Koshy added to her bank account by starring as a mutant-fighting high-school student named Violet Adams in two seasons of the Hulu series Freakish. Leo Howard, who played Koshy's boyfriend Grover Jones, talked to Girls' Life in 2017, saying, "Liza and [fellow costar] Meghan Rienks are two of the funniest people I have ever met." He added, "Together, they are absolutely hysterical. They always make the long days on set fly by."

Although the Hulu series wasn't destined for an extended run, Koshy wasn't left without further TV-related opportunities. That same year, she was brought on by MTV to be a contributor to their revival of Total Request Live. "I grew up watching TRL," she once said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "I had older sisters who got me into it!" Although that gig only lasted from 2017 until 2018, Koshy then took on the role of hosting Nickelodeon's reboot of the kids' game show Double Dare. "This is a dream that I have been dreaming to live!" she released in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. "From watching Double Dare to hosting it!? I am ready for a summer of slime and nose-picking." Um, sounds great?

She's also appeared on the big screen

Is there an Academy Award in Liza Koshy's future? Taking advantage of the money-making potential that acting offers, Koshy has also added a film credit to her Hollywood resumé. In 2016, she played reluctant Halloween party-goer and church ministers' daughter (yes, two ministers) Aday Walker in Tyler Perry's horror-comedy Boo! A Madea Halloween. When the film premiered in October of that year, Koshy tweeted, "Oh hey there.... BOO! A Madea Halloween is now out in theatres! congrats to our dope cast and @tylerperry a baby has been born 'bishes'!"

Although Koshy was obviously excited about the movie, critics were unfortunately less enthused. The film received mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, with the Critics Consensus stating, "Boo! A Madea Halloween won't win Tyler Perry's long-running franchise many new converts — but at nine films and counting, it hardly needs to." The Hollywood Reporter seemed to agree, explaining that "at this point, reviewing a Madea film is like a food critic reviewing the fare at McDonald's. By any objective standard, it's subpar, made of cheap ingredients and panders to the undiscriminating. But millions of people seem to love it, and happily come back for more." While this film wasn't the path to Koshy's first Oscar, it didn't seem to harm her career either and was just another way she bumped up her overall payday.

Liza Koshy took on the Golden Globes red carpet

While Jimmy Fallon hosted the Golden Globes in 2017, Liza Koshy boosted her profile and her bottom line by co-hosting the awards show's live stream. Alongside a group of pre-show co-hosts, she was on hand to cover the industry event's red-carpet arrivals and tackle interviews with nominees, presenters, former winners, and other celebrity guests.

Koshy was posted right in the middle of the action to chat with big stars like Insecure's Issa Rae, Friends alum David Schwimmer, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Jane the Virgin leading lady Gina Rodriguez, and Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Tom Hiddleston (whose interview was crashed by fellow A-lister Nicole Kidman).

Koshy also used her time on camera to take a tour inside the Beverly Hilton venue and give viewers at home a glimpse at what the celebrities would be enjoying for the night. Along with checking out the tables in the ballroom where the attendees were to dine and chatting with the bartender who would be providing them with wine, Koshy took a peek inside of the glam bathroom, noting, "This is the most gorgeous, underrated bathroom I've ever seen. I don't know why they don't host [the awards ceremony] in here." She may have a point. Koshy also certainly had what it takes to earn her hosting paycheck.

She held Jared Leto's (fake) severed head while hosting Vogue's Met Gala red carpet

Ask and ye shall receive! At least, that's the case if you're Liza Koshy. Two years after dropping a (less than subtle) hint that she wanted to attend Vogue's Met Gala during her "73 Questions" interview, Koshy was not only invited to attend the prestigious event, she was asked — and presumably paid a fair amount — to host the red carpet.

Koshy posted about the experience on YouTube in a video titled "LIZA KOSHY FANGIRLING OVER CELEBRITIES FOR 30 MINUTES STRAIGHT," in which she can be seen, well, fangirling over celebrities like Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, and Celine Dion, as well as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

She also talked about the event while eating tongue-numbingly spicy wings on Hot Ones, and discussed bumping into Jared Leto (and holding his fake severed head) while dishing on the details behind her backside-revealing outfit. "Yeah, so, my booty was out," she stated. "Anna [Wintour, Vogue's editor-in-chief] gave me ... five different black dresses, and I chose that lacy option." However, she thought that she was meant to wear shorts underneath. But nope. "Instead, we went with a thong option." While she was brave for wearing it in front of the cameras, things got awkward for Koshy when a holy man showed up while her buns were exposed for all of Heaven and Earth to see.

Liza Koshy makes money if you want to dress like her

Liza Koshy knows that the outfits you wear can have meaning and that your accessories can say a lot about you. That may be why she sells a line of apparel for anyone who wants to effectively emulate her sense of style. If you follow her on Instagram, you've surely seen her slaying her own designs. For instance, there's the sweatsuit she promoted by posting a shot of herself with a smiley face basketball along with the caption, "I am happy as balls about this drop! it's your one of one sportswear made custom, comfy and for the couch."

You can get a Liza-like look yourself with items such as shirts, sweatpants, onesies, and tie-dye hoodies that range from $7.99 to $59.99. If that's piqued your interest, then maybe you'll want to order the Self Lovin' striped tee, which sells for $34.99  — that is, when it's not sold out. Or perhaps you're in a holly jolly mood, in which case check out the Merry Thiccmas pants, which will set you back $44.99. There are even "sexy socks," which appear to feature a silhouette of Koshy's alter-ego Jet Packinski. But be warned: "These socks may induce foot fetishes." Oh my!

And if you're into accessories, you can grab a big pack, a big sack, or even a pencil pack. As they say, "Sack it to 'em!"

She's officially influential

If there was any doubt that Liza Koshy has the kind of money-making potential that others could only dream of, she can now consider herself officially influential thanks to the fact that her growing star power was recognized in two major ways in 2019. The star who started out by posting short videos on Vine made it onto both Time magazine's 2019 list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet, as well as the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment list.

Koshy reacted to the Forbes honor on Instagram, writing, "Life. is. insane. liza. is. too... blessed to live it. i can't even explain how big my dad's smile was when i told him. so, im dedicating this incredible honor to him. to every email he's read, every call he's answered, every doubt he's reassured, every cry he's soothed and every convo i've zoned out of... thank you. for believing in my dreams, before any came true."

"Yes, im in my feelings, on my period, and my jumbo sports tampon and i would like to say thank you to YOU," Koshy continued. "For your love, empathy, kindness, understanding, positivity and your willingness to witness and support me as i evolve. this has all been one heaven of a ride, and im thankful to the angels riding with me. bless yall. aight im done cryin', thank you @forbes for honoring my parents hard work." Kudos, indeed!

Liza Koshy's a millionaire

It's no secret that YouTube stars can make an eye-popping amount of moolah, and Liza Koshy is taking advantage of that potential. Thanks to the fact that she's branched out into so many other endeavors that have achieved different levels of success — yet were all worth money for this star, who's earning power doesn't seem likely to cool off any time soon — Koshy has already brought in a rather impressive fortune.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Koshy is estimated to have a reported $6 million, as of 2019. That's up from the $4.4 million Money Inc put her at just a year earlier.

While Koshy has millions to her name, she still puts thought into what she spends her money on and tweets her financially-focused opinions, such as her assertion that "dry fruit should not be more expensive than wet fruit." However, it turns out there is something — or rather, someone — she'll possibly be blowing her fortune on one day. "I'm so jealous of my future child," she once declared on Twitter. "Spoiled little son of a bad*ss b**ch." If that little one is anything like their mother, they'll surely be making their own fortune in no time.