What Happened To Lizzie And Scott From Love After Lockup?

Lizzie and Scott were in a fiery relationship on WeTV's Love After Lockup. The couple, who got together after Lizzie got out of prison for DUI and bribery charges, struggled with financial issues and drug addiction. The pressure of tackling those problems was intense for Lizzie and Scott when they were in the spotlight and naturally followed them in the aftermath of the show — just like the post-prison struggles fellow Love After Lockup castmembers Lamar and Andrea faced. However, despite the couples' similar struggles, Lamar and Andrea have so far been able to go the distance, while Lizzie and Scott haven't.

According to Heavy, the weight of rumors and potential infidelities was too much for Lizzie and Scott. The couple has since ended their often tumultuous relationship, which might be unsurprising to viewers, since the trouble started just hours after Lizzie was released from prison. 

In a promo video on YouTube that was filmed shortly after Lizzie's release, Scott said he wished Lizzie would pay a little more attention to him. Scott said, "Lizzie's not holding my hand, kissing me, so I'm feeling a little bit ignored." 

With tears in his eyes, Scott told Lizzie, "I just want this all to be true." 

"It's all in your head," Lizzie responded mockingly.

And that was just the start of the couple's troubles.

Lizzie cost Scott thousands of dollars

We got an early taste for the problems Lizzie and Scott would face after Love After Lockup while the show was still being filmed. Just one hour after getting out of a 9-year stint in prison, Lizzie went on a massive gas station store shopping spree at Scott's expense. 

 In a recent "Where are they now?" promo from WeTV, Scott dished to his friend Charlene that he has spent more than $90,000 on Lizzie since she got out of prison. 

"I've blown all my savings and ended up in debt," Scott said in a FaceTime conversation with Charlene. 

He added, "I feel powerless because when she asked me for something, I'd always say yes and never say no." 

Lizzie's demanding ways eventually led Scott to question whether or not he could trust her. "At different times, I've thought Lizzie was conning me in the past, but right now, I have to trust her. I've invested way too much time and money into this relationship to give up now." 

For Lizzie's part, she said in another clip that Scott "pretended" to have "all this money" when they first got together, but that the truth eventually came out.

Meanwhile, Scott isn't without demons of his own.

Lizzie and Scott struggled with his drug use after Love After Lockup

If the financial problems weren't enough to cause a strain between Lizzie and Scott after Love After Lockupthey also struggled with issues of trust and drug use. 

"I don't think my story has been told. It's pretty much been Scott's side of the story," Lizzie said in a promo clip for the spinoff show, Life After Lockup. Meanwhile, another promo for Life After Lockup dives deeper into Scott's drug use

The promo begins with a red-faced, teary-eyed Scott saying, "I have a problem. I keep going on and off it." He goes on to say, "I don't want to lose you. I need somebody here for me. I have no one. I helped you; you can help me." 

With Lizzie's response, we get a taste for the weight Scott's drug problem eventually had on the couple. She says, "Scott, you're on drugs. I can't have a man that's on drugs." 

In the episode, Scott admits to having done "some amphetamine" and "heroin" "years ago." 

The clip ends with Scott saying, "Everyone's going to take off on me like they always do." 

Unfortunately for Scott, it seems Lizzie ultimately did too. In the end, there were plenty of signs these two were not happy in their relationship. Hopefully this troubled pair can find more peace apart than they were able to achieve together.