Where Does Alex Trebek Live And How Big Is His House?

Whether or not you're an avid nightly game show watcher, you certainly know who Alex Trebek is. The Jeopardy star has dominated our TV screens since becoming the host in 1984, known to sometimes throw sass at contestants, make the most memorable quips, and surprise even his most diehard of fans

Trebek's future on the show was thrown into question after a March 2019 YouTube video in which the legendary host announced he had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Although he also made a point to tell his fans he wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon, there has since been an outpouring of affection, such as the teen winner who donated a part of his earnings to cancer research, or the time another fan gave up his Final Jeopardy answer to pay tribute to the small screen legend.

Of course, because of his condition, Trebek has had to make some changes to his personal life, too, in particular, some of the spots he calls home. Besides having lived in all our living room homes since he became the iconic quiz show host, let's take a look at the actual place Alex Trebek calls home.

Alex Trebek is the king of his mountain

Alex Trebek has definitely been basking in the spoils of his game show earnings — enough to buy himself an entire mountain. According to the Los Angeles Times, the iconic celeb made his purchase in the Hollywood Hills in 1990, where he planned to "build a dream home." Paying only $1.5 million for more than 35 acres was, as Trebek's realtor said, "a steal." 

Although it's not certain whether or not Trebek did indeed create that mountainous dream pad, he did snag an almost 10,000 square foot mansion only a year after his first purchase in the Fryman Canyon area of Studio City. According to Variety, Trebek paid a cool $2.15 million for what the outlet described as his primary residence.

Along with his rustic mansion, the A-lister also owned a prized vacation home — a remote 2,595-square-foot getaway overlooking Lake Nacimiento in Paso Robles, California. A wonderful refuge for his family to retreat to when the hustle and bustle of Hollywood life became too hectic, the secluded oasis was a perfect choice.

In September 2019, Trebek sold his prized vacation retreat. As his wife, Jean Trebek wrote in a post titled "Letting Go" for Insidewink, in light of recent events, the duo "realized that [their] home was becoming more of an obligation than an inspiration, and that is was time for [them] to sell it." We'll take "Happy Endings" for 800, Alex.

The 'Handyman Host'

At his core, Alex Trebek is your regular Mr. Fixit. In fact, you probably won't catch the handyman hiring a contractor when something around his abode needs a repair. "I like to fix things," Trebek once told People, adding, "All of my mother's brothers were involved one way or another in the construction industry ... And so I watched them as I was growing up."

He's certainly picked up on a lot since he was a young boy, holding an encyclopedic knowledge of home improvement that most likely rivals his impeccable trivia knowledge. "If dad can fix something, he will not have anyone else do it," Trebek's daughter, Emily, once wrote on the Jeopardy blog. "I remember back when I was learning to drive, and I would accidentally run over a sprinkler head or path lighting in the driveway, we all knew dad would be out five seconds later fixing it." In fact, Trebek loves fixing things so much, The New Republic once reported that Home Depot was "his favorite place."

Trebek's dedication to home repair hasn't faltered since his cancer diagnosis. As revealed by SurvivorNet, who dubbed him the "Handyman Host," Trebek completed a massive home improvement project "singlehandedly" in August 2019 — he renovated his wife's bathroom as a Valentine's Day gift. "Jean loved what I did," gushed Trebek on the Jeopardy blog. We're confident that Alex Trebek will continue to tinker with his dream home for as long as he can.