The Truth About David Beador's Girlfriend Lesley Cook

It didn't take long for David Beador to move on after splitting from his former wife, Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador. Shortly after news broke of the couple's split, Beador was seen with a new woman on his arm. According to Us Weekly, the "lucky lady," who is named Lesley Cook, met Beador in a SoulCycle class a few months after David and Shannon called it quits. She told the publication that the couple loves working out together. 

It seems as though Cook, who has two kids of her own from previous relationships (per Radar), likes supporting Beador even outside of the gym. In her interview with Us Weekly, Cook jumped to Beador's defense in the face of ongoing criticism about his role as a dad. She said, "His daughters are the absolute light in his life, and he loves them so very much. The girls will always come first." 

Cook added, "I just wanted to speak out on David's behalf because of all these negative things I have been reading about him being a bad dad." 

So what's the deal with Lesley Cook? Let's take a look at the truth about David Beador's new squeeze. 

David Beador made Lesley Cook get off Instagram

As the girlfriend of quasi-celebrity David Beador, Lesley Cook naturally gained a lot of followers on Instagram, but temporarily shut down her account after sharing a video in January 2019 in which she lost her temper inside of a department store. Celebrity Insider reports that the video, which has since been deleted, showed Cook going off on a clerk at a Walmart in Irvine, California, when the employee dared to look at her receipt as she exited the store. 

She reportedly said to the clerk, thinking they were accusing her of stealing,"You guys, I live in a $15 million home in Laguna Beach. This is a f***ing joke right now." 

Meanwhile, Beador and ex-wife Shannon from Real Housewives of Orange County are currently embroiled in a $1 million legal battle as a result of their divorce proceedings. According to Celebrity Insider, Beador was upset that Cook brought up his finances in the Instagram video while he was going through a battle over child support payments. As a result, he demanded that she take down her Instagram page shortly after the video surfaced. 

Not to worry, though – Cook is back on Instagram as of this writing. But now her account is set to private. That doesn't mean there's any shortage of drama still surrounding Beador and Cook, though. 

Lesley Cook shared nude photos of herself and Beador

By the time David Beador had gotten over Lesley Cook's Walmart tirade video, her Instagram was back up and running, and she was ready to raise more eyebrows. All About the Real Housewives shared censored screenshots of nude photos Cook shared of she and Beador canoodling in Italy. 

The photos appear to show Beador and Cook locked in a passionate embrace in a forest, each wearing nothing but socks and sneakers. Another photo shows the couple embracing, with Beador's Puma socks hiked all the way above his ankles and Cook's pants down around hers...which is a pretty bold look. Cook accompanied the photos with the caption, "Beauty is in the eye of the 'be hold her,' by David Beador." She added a string of hashtags to the post, including "#omg, #hemademedoit, #nakedinnature, #wedontcare, #hescrazy, and #noprudehere."

The pics disappeared shortly after they went up and are now nowhere to be found on Cook's Instagram. 

What you could find, however — at least until she made her account private — were photos of floral arrangements she made, tarts she cooked, and a cheesy video of David handing her a single rose, Bachelor style. 

This may be a nod to Lesley Cook's real passion. Cook has her own YouTube channel that shows her making floral creations out of paper. The account has just two videos, both of which were added three years ago. So, happy crafting if you're into that. 

Meanwhile, you might be interested to learn the real reason why David and Shannon Beador called it quits.