The Real Reason Samuel L. Jackson Won't Do A Nude Scene

Samuel L. Jackson is the consummate badass. We've seen him battle snakes on planes,  play a super villain in Unbreakable and Glassand vanquish villains as a hero in countless other films. One thing we haven't seen is — wait for it — the 70-year-old's naughty bits. If you Google "Samuel L. Jackson nude," which we assume plenty of ladies and gents have done, all you'll find is a glimpse of the actor's derriere from the 1998 science fiction movie Sphere. 

So, Jackson apparently doesn't mind showing off his ... rear assets, but he's never been on board with going the full monty, so to speak. In fact, you won't find a Samuel L. Jackson movie in which he appears completely in the buff, and he says that won't change anytime soon. 

The reason Samuel L. Jackson won't do a nude scene? Well, for starters, it's just downright uncomfortable. 

Samuel L. Jackson finds love scenes awkward

Samuel L. Jackson may be 70 years old, but he's still got sex appeal. That doesn't mean that doing a love scene in a movie is something he looks forward to. Perhaps part of the reason Jackson won't bear it all when engaging in some on-screen intimacy is that he finds it totally awkward. According to Fox News, the Oscar-nominated actor thinks the whole scenario is a no-win situation. 

"For me as an actor, I don't know how to do that sort of thing in a room full of people, and I tend to ask a lot of questions," Jackson told the outlet's entertainment column Pop Tarts. He added, "Where can I touch you? Where can I not touch you? I'm sorry if I get excited, I'm sorry if I don't ..." 

Nevertheless, Jackson has filmed a few steamy romps throughout his long Hollywood career. But he also has another, even more personal reason he won't do fully nude scenes, and it has everything to do with vanity. 

Samuel L. Jackson is concerned about the size of his assets

In January 2016, Samuel L. Jackson told Howard Stern that he won't do a nude scene because he's concerned that he might not be big enough. Stern asked Jackson whether he'd show his manly bits on the big screen and Jackson replied, "I might ask for a d**k double." 

Of course Stern pressed the issue, asking Jackson, "You feel your penis isn't big enough to really show off on camera?" That's when Jackson finally came clean about the real reason he won't do a nude scene. He told Stern, "I don't know if it's... yeah," Jackson dished, "I don't know if it's formidable enough. My aura's so big in films that I don't know if my d**k is big enough to fill my aura."

So, you won't find a pic of Samuel L. Jackson in the buff out there on the internet, but happy hunting if that's what you're into!