Viola Davis' Daughter Is Growing Up Fast

Viola Davis holds many titles, including being an award-winning and history-making actress. She became the first African American to win acting's triple crown – an Emmy, Tony, and Oscar in acting categories. But beyond her acclaim on-screen, she's an equally powerful force off-screen. Davis is a proud mom to her daughter, Genesis, and has continued to share updates about the little leading lady in her life.

Davis and her husband, actor Julius Tennon, adopted Genesis when she was a baby in 2011. As the star explained in InStyle's January 2016 issue (via People), "I always tell Genesis she was born from my heart, not my belly. There are so many ways to mother rather than to carry a child in your body. So many children need parents, and so many of us want to mother." In fact, the youngster is already following in her mom's footsteps by pursuing acting.

Genesis landed her first movie role

At just 8 years old, Genesis made her acting debut in Angry Birds 2 in 2019. Viola Davis' daughter voiced a hatchling named Vivi in the movie based on the once-mega-popular iPhone game. At the Angry Birds 2 premiere in August 2019, Davis told Entertainment Tonight, "I don't know if she wants to be an actress. I mean, the last time I checked she wanted to be a Navy Seal. I was really happy about that because I want her to be able to handle herself." Genesis reflected on the major milestone, telling ET, "It feels great. I'm nervous. I'm excited. All at the same time."

Perhaps Davis should have seen her daughter's acting ambitions coming because for Halloween 2015, Genesis dressed up as her mom from that year's Emmy Awards, donning a similar outfit, hairstyle, and trophy. The How to Get Away With Murder star shared the picture on Instagram and wrote, "So.....the Elsa costume? Didn't work for her. The Pirate? A no go. So she finally said, 'I just want to be YOU mommy'! So... uhh....this is ME."

Viola Davis is passing on important lessons to Genesis

Viola Davis has been an outspoken advocate for equal rights in the entertainment industry, and she's passing on her passion and words of wisdom to her daughter. That's especially true when it comes to the topic of self-worth. 

"I always say, 'Genesis, your heart and your head are the two most important parts of you.' The physical falls away. The things that you can take with you that really are of value have nothing to do with the physical," she told People in September 2019. "I just tell her she's worth it. Even if I'm combing her hair, and she's crying ... She does not have to be a perfect little girl. There's no such thing. It's okay to be vulnerable, and there's strength in vulnerability." 

While Genesis may be growing up right before fans' eyes, she's still just a kid, and luckily, she's learning invaluable life lessons from her famous mom.