The Real Reason Carrie Underwood Isn't Hosting The CMAs

It's a sad day for country music fans. That's because Carrie Underwood announced she won't host the Country Music Awards in 2020 after 12 years on the job. The "Before he Cheats" crooner broke the news on Instagram on Dec. 31, 2019. She also took a moment to share her favorite memory from the annual event. "One of the highlights of 2019 and of my entire career so far was being on stage with the legends that are Reba and Dolly Parton," she wrote alongside photos from the show. "I'm so proud that we could celebrate the incredible female artists that are part of the legacy of country music, past, present, and future, and I'm thankful for the huge audiences all over the world that tuned in to see it."

Of course, Underwood also gave a shout-out to her longtime co-host, country superstar Brad Paisley, whose hosting reign ended in 2019. "I will always treasure every show," she said, including the ones "I was so lucky to do with my partner in crime and friend for life, Brad Paisley."

So we have to ask: Why is Carrie Underwood not hosting the CMAs anymore? It's not like her career has taken a dip. In November 2019, she released a single called "Drinking Alone" to mostly favorable reviews. Although this news might be confusing to Underwood's most dedicated fans, the potential reasons we've pieced together should help put this situation into perspective.

Carrie Underwood says it's 'time to pass the hosting torch'

Before we get into the contentious chatter about Carrie Underwood's CMAs departure, let's discuss her public reason for cutting ties. "It's hard to imagine topping what we have accomplished together, so I've decided that it's time to pass the hosting torch (at least for now!) to others that will cherish it and honor it as much as I do," she declared via Instagram. "I've got so many exciting things coming in the new year and beyond, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for all of us."

It's true that the CMAs could benefit from some fresh faces, as there's so much talent in the country music world these days. Maybe after "The Bones" singer Maren Morris gives birth to her little boy in March 2020, she can take over hosting duties for the show's 54th installment. Or what about country music star Jason Aldean? He always puts on a great show, even if he can be a little shady at times. To date, there has been no announcement about who will host the show in November 2020, but rest assured there are some great options.

Is Carrie Underwood ticked off at the CMAs?

Despite Carrie Underwood's positive attitude about passing the torch, rumor has it that all may not be so hunky dory behind the scenes of country music. Rumor has it that Underwood may be bailing to do a snub. Say what? 

It all supposedly started in 2019, when Underwood lost the CMA's entertainer of the year award to country music legend Garth Brooks — a blow she may have addressed while delivering her acceptance speech for favorite album at the American Music Awards a week later. "I want to thank the AMAs for making this award show fan-voted, because they're the ones that matter, they're the ones that count, they're the ones that allow us to do what we get to do," she said from the stage. Was she possibly shading the CMAs, which is run by industry professionals. 

We don't want to start any drama here, but it's possible Underwood is discreetly punishing the CMAs for overlooking her. Even Brooks admitted that he didn't expect to win entertainer of the year over Underwood. "It was the year of the woman so we were all expecting Carrie anyway, and she justly deserved it, as well as the other nominees did," he said during an appearance on Good Morning America.

Carrie Underwood may want to carve out more quality time with the fam

When Carrie Underwood hosted the CMAs in 2018, she was pregnant with her second child, Jacob, so when she took the stage in 2019, she had a little bundle of joy waiting for her at home. Now that Jacob and her firstborn, Isaiah, are getting older, Underwood may want to hang up her hosting hat in favor of spending more time at home with her gorgeous family. Another possibility? Underwood and her husband, former hockey player Mike Fischer, might want to try to expand their family again. A source hinted at this in a conversation with Us Weekly, claiming Underwood has "always wanted a little girl."

Regardless, it sounds like Underwood is just enjoying life as it comes these days. "There's no way you can plan for everything or make everything be the way you want it," Underwood explained in an April 2019 interview with Today. "So it's been good for me to just kind of be present, and live in the moment, and stop trying so hard to plan out the entire rest of my life." 

You do you, girl, and if you ever decide to return to the CMAs, we'll welcome you back with open arms!