What Jason Nash's Ex-Wife Marney Hochman Is Doing Now

Marney Hochman may be known as the ex-wife of former Vine star turned YouTube prankster Jason Nash, but she's a successful producer in her own right. According to her CBS bio, Hochman started her career at Fox Television Studios, where she "[worked] her way up to the position of senior vice president of scripted programming," and was linked to the hit shows The Shield, The Riches, and Thief. 

Unlike her flashy ex-husband Jason Nash, Hochman tends to fly under the radar. When she's not working on a show, she's spending time with her children: Charley and Wyatt. Let's take a closer look at what else Marney Hochman has been up to lately. 

Marney Hochman seems most comfortable behind the scenes

Marney Hochman made a name for herself as a producer. She has worked on a number of projects as president of development for MiddKid Productions, which is run by Shawn Ryan, who is a successful showrunner for Sony Pictures Television. With MiddKid Productions, Hochman has been behind such projects as Timeless, Terriers, and The Last Resort, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  

Most recently, Hochman has worked as the executive producer of the CBS drama S.W.A.T., which first aired in 2017. The show follows the adventures of a former Marine who's been chosen to lead a new S.W.A.T. team in Los Angeles. CBS is currently airing season three of S.W.A.T. 

When Hochman isn't hard at work in Hollywood, she's spending time with her children and pooch in Los Angeles. The dog even made it into Hochman's office to "intern" for the summer. 

Marney Hochman: Hollywood power player and really fun mom

Marney Hochman leads a relatively quiet life for a Hollywood producer, but you can keep up with her adventures on Instagram, where Hochman offers a sneak peek into her personal life. Concerts, kids, and her ridiculously adorable golden retriever, Duke, pepper her profile. 

When it comes to music, Hochman doesn't seem to miss any of her favorite acts. She's shared pics of her time seeing Vampire Weekend, Beck, and Courtney Barnett. She even saw The Killers in Ireland, and she took her son, Wyatt, to see Thom Yorke

Hochman has a close relationship with her kids, she's not shy about sharing photos of the family's everyday adventures. Some of her Instagram pics even hint at Hochman's political activism. One adorable Halloween snap shows Hochman wearing a woman's suffrage costume with her kids dressed up alongside her. Another pic shows Hochman and her kids sporting shirts that read "Make Our Schools Safe." 

About that time she agreed to be handcuffed to her ex

Exes Marney Hochman and Jason Nash have maintained a close relationship while co-parenting their two kids, Charley and Wyatt. In fact, they've even found a way to have a little fun as exes. To Hoffman's chagrin, he sometimes includes her in his comical vlogs. Whether vacationing together at a beach house in Santa Barbara or just getting through the daily grind, she's typically seen fleeing from this prying eyes or half-heartedly threatening to sue him for filming her. However, she did agree to be handcuffed to Nash for 24 hours on the condition that all proceeds go to re-stuccoing her house. The exes only last four hours and both agree it's "awful." 

After one particularly sarcastic vlog exchange while picking up the kids for school, Nash quips: "You could probably see why we got divorced." We're getting the idea, but it sure is fun to watch.