The Secret Meaning Behind Prince Harry's Farewell Message

In the weeks following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's shocking announcement about their future in the royal family, many supporters have hung on to every word and message from the pair. The sleuthing reached a fever pitch on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020, when some fans went into overdrive analyzing a song shared to the Sussex Royal's Instagram account. The tune, "This Is the One" by British rock band The Stone Roses, accompanied a video of Prince Harry attending an event at Buckingham Palace. Considering the fact that the ditty was used to promote what could be one of Harry's final events as a senior royal, it makes sense that people have been speculating about the lyrics. 

Of course, there are still questions regarding who chose the song. Did Prince Harry channel an angsty teenager and chose the song in an effort to subliminally stick it to his famous fam, or was it Meghan Markle who selected the song? Then, there's also the possibility that a social media manager innocently chose the melody without realizing the hoopla it would cause. 

All of this drama might add up to a big case of nothing, but you know we can't resist sipping the tea. Fire up the kettle because we're about to decode the secret meaning behind Prince Harry's farewell message.

Does Prince Harry want to burn his former life to the ground?

While Meghan Markle hangs out in Canada with baby Archie, Prince Harry is busy sorting out their future and attending public events like the Rugby League World Cup 2021 draw on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. A video of his appearance was uploaded to the couple's Instagram account, showing the royal carrying out his duties as "This Is the One" played in the background. Some of the intriguing lyrics include a reference to "a girl consumed by fire" who "has plans that she has made," while another bar alludes to the singer's desire to "leave the country" and "burn the town" where he "was born." Woah. The chorus is especially curious, with the singer crooning, "Oh this is the one/This is the one/She's waited for."

Considering that the event Harry attended was about rugby, this song seems like an odd choice unless he wanted to send the press into a flurry with the so-called subliminal message. If this is the case, then we interpret it to mean that he's done with the monarchy and is ready to start life anew with Markle in Canada. However, before fans read too deeply into this mess, there's something important they should know.

Hold your horses, folks

The kicker about this drama is that Prince Harry reportedly had "no involvement" in choosing "This Is the One" to back up the video shared to Instagram. Per sources connected with the Daily Mail, the feisty song "had been suggested by the rugby league side" and it's "an anthem of the sport." The excuse isn't sitting well with everyone, however, as one person on Twitter suggested that palace officials are "covering up" for the royal, while another user complained about the ongoing headlines surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. "They are no longer worthy...indeed they are an their 'royal titles,'" they wrote.

This is just our opinion, but we're more apt to believe Harry had nothing to with this kerfuffle in light of this report about his state of mind. "Harry is not stressed or worried at all. He's actually really excited about this next chapter in their lives," an insider claimed to Us Weekly. "His friends are also quite excited for him. And Meghan is so happy." Rock on.

The Prince Harry song drama proves an important point

One of the rumored reasons for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's resignation has to do with the constant scrutiny they endure in the British press. Song-gate is just another piece of evidence to back up this theory because it proves that every little thing they do is questioned and overanalyzed. 

It's arguably a smart idea for the duo to ditch Great Britain in favor of Vancouver Island, where they plan to set up shop for the foreseeable future. "There seem to be few cases where the camera is just trying to catch a celebrity in an embarrassing situation by following them around, spying on them," Vancouver-based lawyer, Roger McConchie, told Fox News about the press in Canada.

He continued, "A lot of movies and TV series are made in Vancouver. That means a lot of celebrities walk [on] streets, dine in our restaurants and visits our sports bars. But for the most part, people don't bug them for autographs or insist on selfies. We don't stare or stalk. We like our privacy and respect theirs." McConchie added, "Unless foreign paparazzi descend, [the Duke and Duchess of Sussex] have a decent shot at enjoying some peace and quiet."

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex won't have a problem with the Canadian press, the residents of Canada might be a different story.