The Real Reason Anna Camp And Skylar Astin Divorced

If you saw the first Pitch Perfect movie, there's a very high chance that you were rooting for Anna Kendrick's character, Beca, to wind up with Skylar Astin's Jesse. They were both a capella singers, their friendship was super adorable, and the chemistry was undeniable. However, off-screen, two other Pitch Perfect actors found a love story of their own: Astin and Anna Camp, who played Aubrey in the franchise. But don't go trying to look for subtle, on-screen sparks between the two — Astin and Camp didn't end up getting together until about a year after the first movie hit theaters. 

Their romance made it all the way to the altar with the couple tying the knot in fall 2016. However, Astin and the former True Blood actress announced their spit in April 2019 and their divorce was finalized that August, shattering fans' hearts everywhere. So, why the split? Let's dive into everything we know about the Pitch Perfect pair's relationship that came to a not-so-pitch-perfect end.

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin's 'Pitch Perfect' co-stars attended their big day

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin's romantic relationship first came to light in summer 2013. At that time, Camp was still finalizing a divorce from ex Michael Mosley, according to Us Weekly. A source explained that Camp and Astin knew each other pre-Pitch Perfect and "had a great connection and became friends, but nothing romantic happened until after she separated from her husband."

Then, over the New Year's holiday weekend in 2016, Camp and Astin got engaged while on vacay in Hawaii, announcing the news on Instagram with matching selfies. Per Us Weekly, the couple's wedding took place at a winery in Santa Ynez, September 2016. A source told Us, "It was a very emotional ceremony with a lot of tears. Anna was especially overcome with emotion as Skylar read personal vows, and when she looked over at her family." Their Pitch Perfect co-stars attended the ceremony, including Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, and Elizabeth Banks. Snow, who was a bridesmaid, wrote on Instagram at the time, "Awkward High Five because these two nerds/ amazing friends of mine are getting MARRIED today! I [heart] you both so much."

Skylar Astin called himself a lucky man to be with Anna Camp

Ahead of their one-year wedding anniversary, Anna Camp told People in August 2017, "This has been the fastest year of my life. We fall in love with each other more and more every day we've been together. And I know it sounds, like, gross, everyone's probably gonna throw up about that, but it's actually really true." Camp added that Astin would often send her flowers and they'd write each other cards to "maintain [their] love connection" while working apart so much.

In a July 2014 red carpet interview with POPSUGAR, even more gushing took place. While looking all lovey-dovey, Camp called Astin "the master of all boyfriends" and he described himself as "a lucky man." When Camp was doing a panel at Comic-Con that day, her then-boyfriend made sure to bring her coffee and Band-Aids for blisters. "We love each other so much," Astin said. Ahh, happier times!

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin cited irreconcilable differences in their split

Although their relationship was *almost* nauseatingly adorable (to borrow Anna Camp's own description), that happiness was short-lived. Camp and Skylar Astin's split was announced in April 2019. They broke the news with a joint statement to People, which read, "We can confirm that we have decided to separate, and this decision was made mutually and amicably. We kindly ask for privacy as we navigate this transition." Additionally, they unfollowed each other on social media.

A few months later in August, E! News reported that the divorce was finalized. When Camp filed for divorce, she "cited irreconcilable differences and asked to terminate court ability to award support to both petitioner and respondent." Overall, they didn't spill too many details about the split other than that things just weren't working. And the emphasis on it being a mutual, amicable decision successfully sidestepped any speculation of drama.

Anna Camp is finding life post-divorce really scary and liberating at the same time

According to E! News, Anna Camp opened up about her post-divorce journey at a panel in the summer of 2019. "It's been really scary and liberating at the same time," she explained at the event in August. "I'm 36 years old. I've had some life changes go on, and I feel more me than I ever, ever have. It's a vulnerable place to be, but it's also really empowering." Despite the vulnerability, Camp said she felt "really grounded" and her decisions have been "for the best."

Apparently Astin is putting himself back out there, too. Us Weekly reported in May 2019 that the actor joined the exclusive celebrity dating app Raya and was using it during his divorce. Other celebrities on the app reportedly include John Mayer, Matthew Perry, and Chelsea Handler. While fans may have been bummed to see Pitch Perfect's real-life love story fall apart, at least it sounds like Camp and Astin made the best possible decision for themselves and they're both moving forward.