Pamela Anderson's Son Reacts To Her Bombshell Wedding News

Pamela Anderson has made plenty of controversial choices over the years, including the fact that she's been married multiple times under iffy circumstances, and now she's done it again. On January 20, 2020, the former Baywatch star married A Star Is Born producer Jon Peters during a secret ceremony in Malibu. These two reportedly dated 30 years ago, and after getting back together just a few months ago, they decided to tie the knot. Anderson's son, Brandon Thomas Lee (you might recognize him from The Hills: New Beginnings) shared his thoughts about the surprising union.

"I'm incredibly happy for my mom and Jon," Lee told Fox News. "They've known each other for over 35 years and I wish them luck in this next chapter of their lives together. ... I will support the happy couple however I can and I'm excited to get to know Jon's family even better."

Anderson marked the occassion on Twitter two days after the ceremony by simply sharing a photo of herself and her new husband years ago — when he proposed but she said no because he was 20 years older than her. Peters shared his thoughts as well, telling The Hollywood Reporter: "There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my pick, but — for 35 years — I've only wanted Pamela. ... She makes me wild — in a good way." 

A secret wedding is certainly "wild," but it's not the first time the actress has said "I do" under shocking circumstances.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee wed hours after their first date

Pamela Anderson first shocked the world with a surprise wedding in 1995, when she tied the knot with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee just 96 hours after their first date. Even the actress' mother was stunned, telling People: "This was the first I'd heard of him. It is heartbreaking and shocking."

While things didn't work out between Anderson and Lee, he apparently wishes her the best now. A source told Hollywood Life: "Nothing will ever be the same for Tommy when it comes to his relationship with Pam. [I]t was a once in a lifetime relationship, with once in a lifetime experiences, but so much time has passed that what Tommy hopes for Pam, the mother of his children, now is that she is in a happy place with her new husband because if she wasn't then there would be hell to pay." The tab's insider said Lee has moved on and "feels that Pam should have that same opportunity and he hopes that she is happy and has got exactly the life she wants." 

If the Baywatch star finally has found the life she wants, then it certainly took a while to get there. This is just the latest in a seemingly long line of shocking weddings that Anderson has sprung on her fans.

Pamela Anderson's first wedding with Kid Rock wasn't legal

Pamela Anderson stuck with the theme of unexpected marriage ceremonies in July 2006, when she tied the knot with Kid Rock. While guests called the event "a real rock n' roll wedding," it also wasn't legal, reported People

The nuptials went down on a yacht in Saint-Tropez. The bride wore white — as in a white, string bikini. "It was just a celebration," the local mayor's office told People. To be legally binding, the couple needed to have a civil ceremony in the government building. Perhaps that's why Anderson told the press that she planned to marry Kid Rock again ... and again and again and again. "I'm going to get married a few times this month to the same guy," she said. "We had to do Malibu, we've got to do Detroit, and we've got to do Nashville."

Committing to spending the rest of their lives together via multiple weddings didn't help the pair's chances, and by February 2007, Rock and Anderson had broken up. Since their split may have been sparked by her role in Borat, it's no wonder that she decided to get involved with someone outside of the business for a while. However, that doesn't mean that her love life was smooth sailing...

Pamela Anderson married Rick Salomon ... twice

You may recognize Rick Saloman as the man who was featured in — and sold — Paris Hilton's infamous tape (yes, that one,) or you might know him as the man who got hitched to actress Shannon Doherty after dating for just two days. However, he also happened to be married to Pamela Anderson — not once, but twice. And, yes, one of those was a secret wedding, of course.

According to Us Weekly, these two got hitched in October 2007 but annulled the marriage two months later. "In January 2014, they secretly walked down the aisle for the second time after rekindling their romance. The honeymoon phase didn't last long, though. Anderson later filed for divorce on July 3, 2014 — only to change her mind and reconcile with Salomon a short time later." 

Anderson filed for divorce in February 2015, which left her free to embark on her next iffy relationship.

Pamela Anderson got involved with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Although Pamela Anderson didn't marry Julian Assange, she did cause plenty of buzz when she was connected with the man in the middle of the WikiLeaks scandal. Although the two never officially confirmed that there was anything romantic going on between them, Anderson did call him "one of [her] favorite people," while also admitting that she "think[s] he's quite sexy."

Anderson called their relationship "a match made in heaven — and hell — depending on the vantage point," via a post on the Pamela Anderson Foundation website. She added, "Mr. Assange and I, have become very dear friends over time. That's all I'm really comfortable saying ... Of course, this is not an ideal situation — It's not indicative of any rational relationship. I wouldn't know what that is anyway. Faith has been lost in modern romance."

And then Anderson dropped the mic on her critics with this: "I'm also not shocked that this may be interpreted, and 'reduced' to just a 'sexual relationship. That is the easiest perception. And appeals to the tabloids. Takes into account my image. It may be hard to imagine for some — that I have other assets — of equal or greater value." 

Let's hope Anderson's new husband appreciates those other assets and they live happily ever after.