The Surprising Job Matthew Lewis's Wife Had When They First Met

Matthew Lewis, who played Hogwarts student Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films, found both fame and fortune thanks to his part in the popular franchise. His role in the movies is also what unexpectedly led him to love. Back in January 2016, the actor met the woman who would become his wife, Angela Jones, while she was working at Universal Studios in Orlando.

The two were introduced when Lewis showed up to attend a Harry Potter-themed Wizarding World event at the theme park where Jones was employed at the time as an event planner, according to TMZ. "I handled VIPs and events at the greatest destination on Earth," Jones explained while describing her job before she married Lewis (via Bustle). "I looked forward to going to work every single day ... if you could even call having fun 'work.'"

Jones added, "It was my dream career. My life was set." But things drastically changed when she met the man — who just so happens to be a movie star — that she was meant to marry, and she eventually had to leave behind her dream job in order to pursue a life with her dream man.

Angela Jones may have quit her job to be with Matthew Lewis

Angela Jones may have had her "dream career" thanks to her gig as an event planner at Universal Studios, but it looks like she gave it up for love. While writing about the early days of her relationship with Matthew Lewis, she noted, according to Bustle, "We came from two different countries, 4,334 miles apart." They were also both involved in jobs that kept them far from each other.

"We spent most of our relationship FaceTiming. We went days, weeks, and months without being able to see each other. It was hard. Really, really, really hard," Jones admitted while discussing the hardships that the couple dealt with due to the long-distance nature of their situation. That's why she says that they eventually "decided that it was time to finally be together." In order to make that happen, it seems as if Jones had to quit her job so that she could relocate to California to be with Lewis. She claims "that's how this story begins."

That new beginning not only involved a move, but also included an engagement in November 2016 — "A few months after meeting, he proposed to me in Paris during my first trip abroad. Yes, it's been that kind of fairytale thing" — and now they enjoy the kind of married life that involves returning to the place when they first met to continue their movie-like love story.

The couple still spends time at Universal Studios together

Angela Jones may no longer be working at Universal Studios now that she's married to Matthew Lewis, but the pair still like to drop by her former workplace every once in a while. And who wouldn't want to when that former workplace happens to be one of the most magical places on Earth?

In January 2018, Jones took to Instagram to post a photo of herself and her husband on the Universal Studios red carpet over in California, writing, "Thank you, @unistudios, for such a fun day! It was our first time to Universal Studios Hollywood & it felt so nice being back in the parks! I miss my Universal Orlando family so much, but yesterday brought back [a] piece of home."

The duo also stopped by Florida's Universal Studios in October 2019. "Fun times at Halloween Horror Nights last week. Been a while since I was back at @universalorlando," Lewis captioned an Instagram photo of himself and Jones sitting on a zombie throne. "These Houses must be the best ones yet — Ghostbusters a highlight. I was so excited I got a bit of ankle out for you all. Please don't report this picture. #HHN29" He was indeed flashing about an inch of bare ankle skin in the picture — try not to be too scandalized. Instead, focus on how sweet Lewis and Jones are together as they enjoy the spooky and maybe even somewhat romantic (if you don't mind creepy things) scene.