This Is How Much BlackPink's Lisa Is Actually Worth

Fans of the K-Pop music scene may recognize Lisa simply by her first name, but the BlackPink member who's also known as Lalisa Manoban was actually born Pranpriya Manoban. The Thai rapper who's now based in South Korea has found fame — and yes, fortune — thanks to her time in the girl group. But just how much money does Lisa actually have?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the performer has an estimated fortune of around $8 million. That's pretty impressive considering she's just in her early 20s and still has the potential to bring in millions more over the coming years if she remains as popular — and as busy — as she is nowadays. Currently, Lisa can boast about the fact that the group's debut studio album Blackpink in Your Area reached #9 in Japan, while Square Up topped the Korean charts. Of course, all of this helps Lisa add more funds to her growing bank account, but it turns out that BlackPink isn't the only way that the K-Pop idol is making money.

Lisa does more than just perform in BlackPink

Performing as a member of BlackPink would keep most people busier than they could handle, but Lisa is willing to take on even more high-profile projects to help boost her fortune. Fans may know that the K-Pop star is also a model with deals to act as an ambassador for companies like the cosmetics brand Moonshot and as well as Penshoppe. Beyond that, she became the highest-paid brand presenter for the largest GSM mobile phone operator in Thailand not long before taking on the same role for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

If that wasn't enough, in 2018, Lisa joined Real Man 300 (or Jinjja Sana-i 300), a reality program that puts celebrities to the test in military-like conditions. The following year, she signed on for more reality TV when she became a mentor for the "survival program" Idol Producer. In a less extreme endeavor, she's also launched a YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official. Focusing on travel and lifestyle content, she has over two million subscribers. Although she's only posted seven videos, they've received between one and 14 million views each, which surely brings in a nice chunk of revenue. 

This leaves no doubt that Lisa will continue to keep the money rolling in over the course of the near future. However, her goal at the moment isn't related to money. When asked by Elle Korea (via Soompi) what she wants to do in 2020, she revealed, "I want to become happier."