Where Does Nina Dobrev Live And How Big Is Her House

Although she's Bulgarian-born and Canadian-raised, Nina Dobrev's house is the epitome of laid-back California cool. The small-screen starlet — who, as Harper's Bazaar noted, has spent a combined ten years on TV for her work on Degrassi: The Next Generation and Vampire Diaries — still maintains an air of normalcy and warmth to her home, a stark contrast to the modern dwellings of her A-list peers such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's impeccably pristine mansion (you know, the one they call a "minimal monastery").

In fact, when Dobrev invited Vogue Paris into her home to get ready with her for a Louis Vuitton fashion show in 2019, comments from fans came flooding in of the actress' "normalcy" and her inviting abode. "We didn't come from money," the Flatliners star explained to Harper's Bazaar of her family life growing up. "In the beginning, we lived with another family in a one-bedroom apartment. My parents had to work really hard."

Dobrev ditched Vampire Diaries in 2015 (she'd come back as a special guest to finish off the series in 2017) — seemingly at the top of her career. A year prior to her departure, she bought the dwelling she now calls home. Although her career has quieted down a little bit since she hung up her vampire fangs, we can't blame her for taking more time to lounge in her mellow surroundings. Let's see where Nina Dobrev lives and how big her house is.

Nina Dobrev's home had a lot of Instagram influence

Nina Dobrev's four-bedroom home in West Hollywood is, as MyDomaine perfectly summarizes, a Spanish-style "chic, modern bungalow." The actress gave the outlet a tour of her entire house, as MyDomaine's former editorial director Mat Sanders also happened to design Dobrev's home interior with his design company, Consort Design. "I gravitate toward open, spacious homes," the Bulgarian-born brunette explained during the tour. "Light and bright is my favorite aesthetic. Maintaining the original character and history of the space was important."

As it turns out, that light and bright aesthetic is also one that Instagram favors, so it's no wonder that's precisely the place where Dobrev sought out her original inspiration. "I've been following Mat on MyDomaine for some time and was a longstanding fan of his aesthetic," gushed Dobrev. "I love Consort's Instagram. I reached out, and we were all so excited to collaborate."

Sure enough, Dobrev's home is Instagram-ready and the perfect place to snap pics while entertaining friends. The Vampire Diaries alum's playfulness shines through when she reveals her first purchase for her house. "I love ping-pong so much, and for the first time I had a space that could fit a table," she explained, adding, "I figured if push comes to shove, I can sleep on the ping-pong table with a sleeping bag. I didn't even have a mattress yet."