Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Steals Super Bowl Halftime Spotlight

Every year, the Super Bowl draws in a variety of different viewers, not just those who religiously follow the NFL season after season. Whether you're watching the event for the always-talked-about commercials, waiting for weird things to happen during the big game, or just for ogling certain football players, the Super Bowl is always the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family and join in on the fun.

One moment that had everyone glued to their screens during the 2020 Super Bowl LIV, however? The halftime show performance, which saw fellow Latinas Shakira and Jennifer Lopez sharing the stage together. "Not only do I want people to have the time of their lives, I want young Latin girls around the world to know this isn't an accident and this is something they too can achieve," gushed Shakira to the Associated Press, adding, "Jennifer and I talked about that a lot. Symbolically this means so much to us."

The symbolism was certainly there during the pop duo's performance, with Lopez even coming out on stage with a Puerto Rican flag with a surprise guest: her daughter, Emme Maribel Muñiz. The starlet in the making's performance was also littered with symbolism, and ultimately proved that she's definitely following in her famous mother's footsteps. Here's why Jennifer Lopez's daughter stole the Super Bowl halftime spotlight.

The talent is clearly there for J.Lo's daughter

Long before Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez's daughter, Emme Maribel Muñiz, took the stage on February 2, 2020 for the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, plans for her poignant performance were well underway — her appearance was far from a last-minute addition. "She will be performing on stage as the symbol of the American dream," sources told Page Six prior to the halftime show, adding that the starlet will come out of "a pod," with "a diverse chorus of other girls on the field."

Sure enough, the insider was accurate. Coming out on stage while her mom danced with both a Puerto Rican flag and an American flag, Muñiz sang Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA." Celebs watching the show were totally blown away by the whole performance, with Padma Lakshmi tweeting, "JLo's daughter Emme and Shakira on the drums!! #HalftimeShow," while Ally Brooke gushed, "This is what history looks like. This is what inspiration looks like. This is what Latina looks like."

Muñiz looked utterly at ease next to her mom as she sang Jenny from the block's hit, "Let's Get Loud." She's made it clear in the past that she's taken after her superstar parents, owning her time on camera. "When I was little, I used to be really shy singing in front of people, but not anymore," Muñiz revealed during a J.Lo tour documentary, adding, "I like the going on the stage part, it's fun!"

It's not Emme's first time performing

One big reason why Emme Maribel Muñiz is so comfortable performing is due to the fact that she's been doing it for a while. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 11-year-old actually started singing before she could even talk! "She's got her daddy's voice. She's amazing," Jennifer Lopez proudly revealed to the outlet, adding, "It's natural. Emme could always sing. I remember when she was in the crib, when she was a baby, she used to be humming, like, really humming to herself. And Marc would say, 'She's singing, it feels good to her, it feels good to her soul and to her body,' because he was like that."

In fact, a 2019 clip uploaded by Lopez of Muñiz singing Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" during a rehearsal for J.Lo's tour went viral, as it showcased the pint-sized star's incredible singing chops. As her mother gushed in the video, "We should have her come out and do something on tour. Want to put a little piece in this show?"

Sure enough, helping her mom during various concerts has definitely prepped Muñiz for the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, and the crowd was seriously impressed. Even her dad, singer Marc Anthony, proudly beamed on his Twitter account, writing, "Emme Daddy is so proud of you. You are my [heart] and I am forever yours."

Emme Muñiz is setting up to become a multi-talented star

Along with helping her famous mom on tour, Emme Maribel Muñiz really does make music an integral part of her life. In September of 2014, Jennifer Lopez posted an Instagram video of Muñiz and her twin brother, Max, showcasing her daughter playing the ukulele while her son sang to Vance Joy's "Riptide." Along with displaying apparent musicality, Muñiz has also proved herself on camera, too, having co-starred with momma J.Lo for her music video "Limitless" from the movie, Second Act.

Since her daughter seems to be a triple threat in the making, it looks like Lopez is already prepping her for the harsh realities of the biz, as well. "It's a lot of scrutiny and you really put yourself out there in a way," the "Dinero" singer told Entertainment Tonight. "And now, in this age of social media, where people can be so brutal and mean at times ... I would never push her in any direction. I'd always help her as much as I can and give her as much counsel and advice as I can and mentor in the best ways I know how to navigate."

It's clear that Muñiz definitely knows who to turn to while performing. In a video for Lopez's 2019 tour, My Party Tour, her daughter explained what it's like going on stage. "Usually, the light's too bright for my eyes, so I can't see anybody ... so I just look at mom."