Where Does Patrick Mahomes Live And How Big Is His House?

Life is seemingly going pretty well right now for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Not only was he named the 2020 Super Bowl MVP thanks to his team's win against the San Francisco 49ers (led by Jimmy Garoppolo), but he also has a loving girlfriend in his high school sweetheart, Brittany Matthews, and a very special home.

In 2019, Mahomes bought his first house, which he shares with Matthews. "It's cool, I mean, just to have your own place. Our own house that we can grow into," he told the Bleacher Report in August 2019. "And so this is definitely a big step in our lives."

That big step involved a nice chunk of cash. The couple paid $1.9 million for their abode which is located "in a private upscale community in the heart of Kansas City," according to Haute Residence. Stretching over 3,759-square-feet, the house was built in 1953 and includes three-bedrooms as well as a "chef's kitchen" and "open floor plan" that "has the clean lines and connection to nature that many of the best homes from that era are known for."

Matthews decorated the home alongside interior designer Marci Knoff. The two opted for "dark woods, fireplaces, white walls, and gray furniture accents" to "give the house a relaxed and comfortable vibe." While that sounds lovely, it's not nearly as impressive as other features in the home. 

Patrick Mahomes built a custom room for his sneakers

In August 2019, NFL star Patrick Mahomes took the Bleacher Report on a tour of his home. While there are plenty of notable features that he could have shown off, nothing compares to the custom room he created solely (pun intended) for his shoes. He explained, "We renovated a lot of the house. The last thing was the shoe room. That has been something that I've wanted for the last six, seven years, at least."

According to CNBC, the special shoe-focused space "is outfitted with display lights, shelves to hold his sneakers, and racks for his sunglasses." The large area, which is much bigger than a normal closet, also boasts plenty of windows and a glass door that all frame gorgeous, grassy views outside. 

What's inside will also leave you envious if you, too, are into shoes. The wide-open room is filled with 180 pairs of sneakers in various colors and styles. That impressive collection is perhaps why CNBC notes that "[t]here's even a security camera." The athlete joked that the camera was mostly in place for his brother, saying, 'I know he'll try to be in my shoe closet ... I can look to make sure all my shoes are still here.'" This man obviously takes his sneakers as seriously as he takes football.

Patrick Mahomes thinks Kansas City is 'perfect' for him

Patrick Mahomes has been warmly welcomed by football fans in Kansas City. "I think I ended up in the perfect place," he said during an interview in January 2020, and the feeling is mutual.

"In a time when NFL stars are celebrities who can be somewhat removed from the communities they represent, Patrick Mahomes and his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, are huge favorites in Kansas City," according to Sportscasting. Along with being "involved in the community," the football star "spends his offseasons in Kansas City, although he could choose to live elsewhere, as many NFL stars do."

Mahomes joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, and he doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. "I think the people are what we love most about Kansas City," he told Bleacher Report. "They have such a passion for the community, the food, the football team. They treat us like we've been here our whole entire life. We're trying to be here for a long, long time."

Mahomes may adore and be adored in Missouri, but he's also shown a lot of love in his home state as well.

Patrick Mahomes is also adored in his home state of Texas

Born in Tyler, Texas, Patrick Mahomes went to high school in Whitehouse before playing both football and baseball at Texas Tech University. Even though he's left the Lone Star State behind to live and play in Kansas City, he's still shown plenty of love back home.

"With a population of 7,600, Whitehouse is the little town America romanticizes," according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. It's also a place that went all out to celebrate one of its own during the 2020 Super Bowl. "Kansas City Chiefs flags and decor are scattered in front of homes, and as well as a local accountant, a florist, tire shop, and so on. A handful of homes feature Patrick Mahomes jerseys, or decorations."

Texas Tech was also ready to praise its former player. "The school took out a full-page ad in Monday's Kansas City Star, saluting Mahomes for leading the Chiefs to victory," the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. "On top of a large image of Mahomes during his Red Raider playing days, giving the 'Guns Up' hand gesture, the words, 'From here, it's possible' is emblazoned in bold large block letters across the page." 

Mahomes is certainly proof that it's possible to come from a little town in Texas and end up on top of the world.