Why Diane Warren Didn't Want Chrissy Metz To Sing Her Hit Song

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz has made no secret of her struggles with weight and self-confidence. Speaking with Today, she wore her heartache on her sleeve. "It's impossible to accept love from anyone else if you don't love yourself," she said, adding that "for us plus-size ladies and for anyone dealing with weight, because we're not taught to love ourselves or be our own cheerleaders." But with the help of a voice coach, Metz learned to cheer herself up and "[accept] you're not your body." How did she lift her confidence? By singing naked in front of a mirror.

Metz's confidence and voice were on full display at the 2020 Academy Awards, where she gave a riveting performance of "I'm Standing With You." As detailed by People, the song appeared in Metz's 2019 drama Breakthrough, whose title aptly describes Metz's development as a person. The lyrics similarly captured the tenor of the moment with lines such as, "We all got time's when we can't be strong/When it feels like, like all hope is gone/But I'm right here/Right here to lean on." Metz radiated a grace that screamed, "I'm standing with myself." But the iconic songwriter behind those lyrics, Diane Warren, didn't stand with the actress at first. In fact, she originally didn't want Metz to sing that song.

Why Diane Warren was wary about Chrissy Metz's vocals

Songwriter Diane Warren had nothing against Chrissy Metz personally. The reason she initially felt wary of Metz performing "I'm Standing With You" was reportedly an issue of vetting. 

While walking the red carpet before the Oscars, Warren told E!, "I didn't want her originally for the song, I wanted a more established artist, I didn't realize she could sing." But Metz quickly disabused her of her doubts. Warren recalled being "just totally blown away" by Metz's breathtaking vocals. 

Metz, meanwhile, was in awe of the opportunity to perform at the 92nd Academy Awards. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be singIng a Diane Warren song at the Oscars," she told People. "This is so epic!" she said.

The same might be said of her performance.