Amber Rose Debuts Huge Face Tattoo Dedicated To Sons

Amber Rose isn't necessarily known to be a low-key celebrity. In fact, even before the fame, the starlet was known for her original look. She burst on the scene as the model with the shaved head who was dating rapper Kanye West, but the pair broke up in 2010, Rose carved her own path in Hollywood and grew her personal brand

"You know I met a lot of great people during this time when I was with homeboy [West] years ago," she dished to Complex (via HelloGiggles) in 2017. "I'm just gonna take the steps and find out how to be an entrepreneur and start my own businesses and companies." Sure enough, Rose has been busy. The influencer makes around $2 million a year off of her Instagram posts, launched a feminist campaign, and was even a podcast host for a while, too. 

Her personal life also seems to be thriving. Rose and her music executive boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards welcomed a baby boy in October 2019, and they all seem to be living their best lives together. However, this busy mama recently made a big decision that has left fans scratching their heads. Rose has never been one to shy away from a bold look, but this time, it's permanent. Let's find out why Amber Rose decided to get a face tattoo.

You can't miss Amber Rose's new look

Amber Rose debuted her new ink in February 2020. You couldn't miss it! As Page Six reported, the model stepped out with "a huge forehead tattoo with 'Bash' and 'Slash,' the names of her two children, written in cursive." Bash (Sebastian Taylor Thomaz) is the son that Rose shares with her ex-hubby, rapper Wiz Khalifa, and Slash Electric Alexander Edwards is the newborn she welcomed into the world with music exec Alexander "AE" Edwards in October 2019.

Rose showed off her new ink during a video interview with Cool Kicks. The clip started making its rounds online for the tattoo instead of all the shoes on display, and let's just say that many fans were not impressed. As one critic tweeted: "Me looking at Amber Rose forehead tryna read wtf that tattoo says while simultaneously praying it's magic marker."

At the end of the day, Rose isn't a stranger to unconventional choices. In the Cool Kicks interview, the starlet even offered up some life advice that resonates with her new ink. "Always be a good person," she said.  "When I first came out, [people] didn't know me, and they were very, very mean to me. So, I believe in changing people's minds." Rose definitely practices what she preaches because that same day, the starlet was spotting helping pay for a fan's shopping trip after their card was declined.

Fresh ink isn't the only physical change for Amber Rose

While some were busy roasting Amber Rose for her face tattoo, that's actually not the only change that she's made recently. According to Page Six, just six weeks after giving birth to Slash, the model was already talking about liposuction. In a since-deleted Instagram post (via Page Six), the model shared: "I'm about to get my whole body done after the baby. He's going to take out some of my jowls that are just, like, hereditary — it just runs in my family, so he's going to fix that and then suck all the baby fat out of my stomach." Rose added that she was "super excited."

Although some fans respected Rose for her honesty, others slammed the How to be a Bad Bi**h author for promoting such a huge change. As some Instagrammers wrote (via Capital Xtra), "Nobody else think getting your 'whole body done' bc you had a baby and it left its mark is a bit shallow. Lmfao. Like way to shame moms for their natural bodies."

By the way, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, doctors don't recommend getting liposuction done right after giving birth because "you cannot lift the baby postoperatively for weeks after a liposuction."

Amber Rose's beau has made some lasting changes, too

While most people are busy talking about all the developments that Amber Rose has made in her life, boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards, has been busy making some permanent changes, too.

Per Page Six, the Def Jam Records exec shared a new look on Instagram in September 2019: a permanent "mouth full of diamond and white gold crowns." Edwards explained his decision: "Growing up in the town (Oakland, ca) grills r a big part of our culture. so this s**t is in me. Not on me." He noted that he's thought about the procedure for 15 years and gave a shout-out to the dentist who helped him achieve his dream, Dr. Kevin Sands. According to Page Six, the celeb dentist's "clientele includes the entire Kardashian-Jenner extended family — from Kim and Khoé Kardashian to Kris Jenner, Malika Hajj, Travis Scott and more."

How does Rose feel about her beau's new look? She seems to be a fan. Sharing a photo of him on her Instagram, she quipped: "I'm Soooo gonna let him get me pregnant again." Which begs the question, can she squeeze another baby name onto her forehead?