The Truth About Anthony Hopkins Daughter Abigail Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkin's resumé in Hollywood is long and glittering with awards and nominations, including his 2020 Oscar nod for his work in Netflix's The Two Popes. Hopkins' roles in Silence of the Lambs, Remains of the Day, and Amistad are some of his well-known works, all of which have made him one of the entertainment industry's giants. However, the U.K. native's personal life is much less glamorous, especially where it concerns his only child, Abigail Hopkins, who was born in 1969. 

If you've never heard that name before, you're probably not alone, considering the two have been estranged for years. We won't dive too deep into the heartbreaking divide just yet, but let's just say it's a sad tale that doesn't seem to have a positive outcome at the time of this writing. That's upsetting because the two once enjoyed a reconciliation, with Abigail starring alongside her famous dad in a few of his movies.

Outside of Abigail's drama with her dad, she leads a compelling life we can't wait to fill you in on after the jump. Here's everything we know about the Oscar-winner's only daughter.

Abigail was deeply hurt by Anthony Hopkins

Abigail Hopkins' mom, Petronella Barker (pictured right,) and Anthony Hopkins split up when she was just a toddler in 1972. Anthony went on to marry Jennifer Lynton (pictured left.) Abigail didn't see much of her dad growing up, telling The Telegraph in 2006, "I would see him, but maybe once a year. There is a little bit of sadness but I have to get on with my life. It has always been like that. See him, and then not. Then, when I was 16, there was some row." 

Abigail admitted that the estrangement led her to dark places. "It was the worst time I can remember," she said (via People.) "I totally abused my mind and body. The root cause was the fact that my father and I had an intermittent relationship when I was young. I was angry and there was a lot of grieving..."

Dad and daughter reconnected in the '90s, during which Abigail had two cameos in Anthony's movies. It's not clear why they don't speak today, although she seems open to reconciling under the right circumstances. "It would have to be a two-way thing, though," she told The Telegraph. "I don't know how I would feel about it."

Anthony Hopkins doesn't care about the estrangement

Anthony Hopkins doesn't seem too upset about the disconnect with his daughter, Abigail Hopkins. Speaking to Radio Times in 2018, Anthony admitted he had "no idea" whether his only daughter has children of her own, adding (via Page Six), "People break up. Families split and, you know, 'Get on with your life.' People make choices. I don't care one way or the other." Ouch! When challenged that his response was "cold," the Silence of the Lambs star replied, "Well, it is cold. Because life is cold." 

Anthony hasn't readily explained why he saw so little of Abigail during her childhood, but he did reportedly admit in 2002 (via the Mirror), "I guess I am selfish. I have not been a good husband or father." 

It seems pertinent to note that the Meet Joe Black star battled alcohol addiction until 1975, when he met a woman from Alcoholics Anonymous who helped turn his life around. The actor recalled those dark times in 2018 (via The Independent.) "I still cannot believe that my life is what it is because I should have died in Wales, drunk or something like that," he said. Perhaps that period played a role in his relationship with Abigail and her mom, ex-wife Petronella Barker. Furthermore, Anthony moved to Los Angeles in 1974, when his U.K.-based daughter was just a toddler, per The New York Times

Anthony Hopkins' daughter is an accomplished musician

Anthony Hopkins's daughter, Abigail Hopkins, is an accomplished jazz singer who uses her music as a means to escape her imperfect childhood. 

"I was a little solitary as a child," she told The Telegraph. "I have always felt comfortable with my own company. Music meant a lot. I had piano lessons very young but it was never the right instrument for me. My father was going to be a concert pianist before he became an actor. Then, when I was seven, I picked up a guitar at school. I was hooked." 

Abigail is also adamant about making a name for herself without her famous dad's help. "I made a very strong decision that I wanted to do things on my own terms. It's not that I don't believe in accepting help but, ultimately, it's up to yourself to produce the goods. I have had to prove I could do it. I have learned in life to follow my own intuition. It's been at the times that I haven't that things have got messed up." 

Despite the challenges of her past, it sounds like Abigail has a good head on her shoulders and plenty of talent in her own right.

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