Where Does Madelaine Petsch Live And How Big Is Her House?

The core cast members of Riverdale have all found fame thanks to the popular series that takes a dark and sexy twist on characters that originated from an old-school comic book. The show has also helped them bring in relatively decent individual fortunes and that includes Madelaine Petsch (aka Cheryl Blossom) who has pocketed enough money to create a rather dreamy life for herself in sunny California where she lives with her boyfriend,  Travis Mills.

While doing a profile on her home with Visit California, Petsch opened up about life in West Hollywood, revealing that she chose to live there "[b]ecause of the hills." Beyond that, she explained, "[T]here's not a big-city hustle and bustle (vibe), [plus] I hear birds! There's this wonderful thing about L.A., where you go one street over and there's a completely different vibe."

The actress also says that the weather won her over. "I do not like the super-super heat. That's not my vibe at all. I'm too pale to go (out into) the sun." Instead, she prefers where she is because "the weather here is ever-changing." 

While that all sounds pretty darn amazing — and exactly what we'd expect from California — Petsch was also willing to get to the bottom of what the state really is (and isn't) like.

Madelaine Petsch knows what's true and false about California

While offering up the insider details about her home in California, Madelaine Petsch was also willing to tackle the misconceptions that people have about the West Coast state. For one thing, Petsch told Visit California that those living in Hollywood aren't as daunting as she thought they would be. "Before I moved here, I was super-nervous. I kept hearing about 'L.A. people.' Weird, stuck up, lots of attitude, not welcoming to new people. But that's not been my experience. The city has been very welcoming. And it was always taught to me that if you live here for more than five years, you're a native. It's been six years now. I'm officially a local!"

However, Petsch was also willing to admit that there's at least one stereotype that is a fact. "[Y]ou'll never leave the west side if you live there. Specifically, Venice Beach. There's just something about it out there that's captivating. That's what they say. So I can't live in Venice or I'll get stuck there." To be honest, that doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world.

Madelaine Petsch dishes about her 'California dream day'

Madelaine Petsch seems to be loving her life in California, which is why it probably wasn't hard for her to come up with what a "dream day" would be like for her while dishing about the state with Visit California. After admitting that she loves "a nice, lazy morning," Petsch went on to explain that her ideal 24 hours would include ordering breakfast and then a drive "over to Santa Monica" for coffee. "Oh! And spend the night over there," she said. "I love the bungalows at the Fairmont Miramar — that's where my favorite coffee shop is, right by there." She "may even go to Griffith Observatory for a hike."

While that sounds like a lovely way to spend some time, Petsch also admitted that things tend to end for her when it starts to get late. "I don't ever want to go out at night," she said. "I like my California days."

Those days might also involve a meal at Sage — "They have three locations in Los Angeles. Oh, and get the potato broccoli perogies. Mmmm! It's so good" — and would probably see the star listening to the "best California song," which she claims is "Beaches" by Tokyo Police Club. While that's technically a Canadian band, it makes sense that Petsch can appreciate what comes out of other countries since she's lived outside of the U.S. in at least two different nations.

Madelaine Petsch is from South Africa

Even though she was born in Port Orchard, Wash., these days, Madelaine Petsch is a proud California resident. However, before she headed off to Hollywood to pursue her dreams of stardom, the actress lived in South Africa. "Raised as the youngest daughter of two South African immigrants, Petsch spent most of her childhood between the United States and South Africa, where she also holds citizenship," according to StyleCaster.

If it doesn't sound like Petsch is from South Africa, that's because she learned to hide her accent and adopted an American way of speaking. Not because she wasn't proud of where she comes from, but instead, because others weren't willing to accept her differences. "I was mercilessly bullied," Petsch told StyleCaster. "I was a little kid with a South African accent and bright red hair. I was the weirdest kid in this small town in Washington."

"I was the only person who was from somewhere else, so I think they just didn't understand it," Petsch continued. "They said I was a weirdo or that I didn't belong there. That was the hardest one when people said I didn't belong there." Thankfully, Petsch overcame the bullying and is now right at home in Hollywood, which is definitely where she belongs.

'Privacy issues' forced Madelaine Petsch to move while filming Riverdale in Canada

Along with living in both the United States and South Africa, Madelaine Petsch has also been a temporary resident of Canada. The actress spends part of her time in Vancouver, which is where Riverdale films. And while many famous folks — such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — head to the northern country because it offers plenty of privacy, Petsch wasn't afforded that luxury.

Taking to YouTube in July 2018, Petsch opened up about an inconvenient and potentially scary situation she faced when she moved in the home which is where she thought she'd be living while filming the third season of the show. "We were there for two days [and] on the second day we were there, I found out I had an issue with privacy at this location," she explained. Without going into specific details about the problem she was facing at the home, Petch told her fans, "That was a huge wrench thrown in the wheel of my life."

While the actress had to stay in a hotel room while she looked for a new place to live, she was quickly able to locate something suitable, even if it was empty. "I found an apartment [that] was unfurnished. I usually get furnished places in Vancouver," she said. "What are you going to do? I need a place in a pinch so I was like let's do it, I'm getting unfurnished." Thank goodness for Ikea!