This Is How Much Kaley Cuoco's Divorce Cost Her

The cast members of The Big Bang Theory went through stunning transformations during their time on the show, and that includes the fact that they each earned a lot of money. That's why Kaley Cuoco had plenty to lose when she divorced her first husband, professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

The two initially enjoyed a whirlwind romance that included moving in together soon after they first met, getting engaged just three months into their relationship, and tying the knot after knowing each other for only six months. While that could have been the start of a movie-like love story, things soon turned sour for the pair. 

"A little bit after we got married, I started feeling like something was off," the actress later told the New York Post. After dealing with differing personalities, dueling lifestyles, and even an alleged problem with painkillers and drinking, Cuoco and Sweeting divorced after just 21 months of marriage. While a split is rarely pleasant, the end of Cuoco's marriage also could have cost her a lot of money.

Ryan Sweeting's fortune can't compare to Kaley Cuoco's

Ryan Sweeting has certainly found great success as a tennis pro, but the athlete's fortune isn't even in the same league as his ex-wife's worth. While they're both millionaires, Sweeting reportedly has a mere fraction of what's sitting in Kaley Cuoco's bank account.

First hitting the courts when he was just a kid, Sweeting's tennis career includes winning the U.S. Open Boys' Singles title, then playing for the Florida Gators men's tennis team before turning pro in 2007. With multiple trophies and titles under his belt, it's safe to say that he's an accomplished tennis player, but far from one of the best (or highest-earning) names in the sport. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sweeting's estimated fortune sits at a respectable $2 million. Granted, plenty of people would be perfectly happy to have a couple of million dollars in the bank, However, that amount pales in comparison to the kind of cheddar Cuoco enjoys these days.

The actress has an estimated fortune of $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Remember, she famously worked her way up to a $1 million paycheck for every single episode of The Big Bang Theory during its final years, and one of the reasons she still has so much money is because she protected herself and her fortune when she married (and divorced) Sweeting.

Kaley Cuoco's divorce cost her ... gift certificates?

Celebrities have been known to lose a staggering amount of money during divorces, but according to Hollywood Life, when Kaley Cuoco split from Ryan Sweeting, he "walk[ed] away with almost no money AND no support from the highly paid actress." How did the star of The Big Bang Theory manage to avoid forking over a fortune? Well, she may not have made the best decision when it came to tying the knot with Sweeting, but she did do something that was smart: She had him sign a prenup.

Cuoco's substantial earnings — which totaled an estimated $72 million at the time — were "protected under the prenup," according to TMZ. "On top of that, she [got] their home in Tarzana and their Santa Barbara area beach house."

Sweeting "walk[ed] away with a lump sum parting gift of $165,000," TMZ reported. On top of that, Cuoco agreed to foot the bill for her ex's pricey personal trainers, which reportedly came out to about $195,000. But that's not all he got! Sweeting was also able to "keep whatever cash and gift certificates [he had] in his possession." 

He may not have ended up with a happily-ever-after, but at least he got some ... gift certificates.

Dollar for dollar, Karl Cook can hang with Kaley Cuoco

Although Kaley Cuoco's first marriage didn't work out, that doesn't mean that she's sworn off true love. In fact, in 2018, she said "I do" to hubby No. 2, professional equestrian Karl Cook. A perfectly quirky marriage that seems to suit them both, these two are on the same page in so many ways, and that includes their comparable fortunes.

While it's hard to imagine anyone being able to match the $100 million in Cuoco's coffers, Celebrity Net Worth claims Cook is worth the same amount of money. In fact, he may someday have even more money than his wife. Like, a lot more money. That's because while Cook's pursuits on horseback likely earn him pretty prize pots, he also happens to be the son of Scott Cook, the founder of the Intuit tax company and a man who's worth about $3.6 billion. That means that Karl's family connections could potentially transform him and his wife from multimillionaires into freakin' billionaires.

That also means that if Cuoco and her second husband ever divorce (but let's not go there,) she'll surely walk away with the bulk of her fortune, just like she did when she split from Ryan Sweeting.