Where Does David Dobrik Live And How Big Is His House

You might be surprised to find out just how much money some YouTube stars make and that includes YouTuber David Dobrik, who has taken in a decent fortune during his relatively short — yet undeniably successful — career in front of the cameras. With his money, Dobrik picked up a home that's worthy of his millionaire status.

In June 2019, Dobrik welcomed Architectural Digest into his Los Angeles residence for a tour of his $2.5 million home which he describes as "not too big, not too small." From the LED sign décor to the iPad that's attached to the wall so he can play Angry Birds while his assistant ties his shoes, everything in the house is exactly what you would expect from a YouTuber who makes quirky videos for a living. One notable piece of décor is the flame-thrower that sits on a pool table, which takes the place of a dining room table. The reason he doesn't own one? He usually stands while eating Chipotle — noted. All that being said, there are some things about the home that a listing agent would definitely boast about. For example, the walk-in closet, podcast recording studio, spacious backyard, and stunning views that include a peek at Universal Studios. 

While that all sounds amazing, the Internet star actually began the Architectural Digest tour by attempting to take a nail out of his back door which is there because he's experienced "a lot of break-ins." Frankly, unwanted visitors are a big problem that Dobrik deals with.

David Dobrick's fans keep showing up at his house

In December 2019, just months after David Dobrik took Architectural Digest on a tour of his Los Angeles home, the YouTube star addressed an ongoing problem — fans turning up at his house. "[S]top coming here, please," Dobrik said in his Instagram Stories (via Insider). "I don't wanna have to move, but this is terrifying."

Dobrik even posted two separate videos that showed people popping up at his front door. The star stays in the background both times while his friend deals with the unwanted visitors. However, in the second recording you do hear him say, "Guys, is this another person? That is f**king insane, I literally just posted. Do you guys even watch this stuff? Stop coming here."

The incidents followed Dobrik's admission that he had been considering moving because of the problem. "I f**king love this house with all my heart, and the reason we have to move is because [his assistant] Natalie's f**cking scared she's gonna get stabbed in the middle of the night," he said. "Guys, I wanna stay here. I love this house, and you're literally — this is to like .0006% of people listening — like you are literally ruining my chances of living here any longer because Natalie's literally about to f*cking drag me out of here because people are still showing up to the house." 

Let's hope that .0006% have gotten the message and stay away.