All The Signs Madison Wins This Season Of The Bachelor

Quite a few jokes have been made about there being turbulence on this season of The Bachelor given lead Peter Weber's profession. Spoiler alert (NOT): he's a pilot. That being said, this season truly has been a wild ride — and it's not over yet.

Every season without fail, Chris Harrison waltzes on to our screens and promises the most dramatic season of (insert Bachelor franchise show here) ever. Well, it seems like this season Harrison and friends actually delivered. Thus far, we've seen everything from former Bachelorette Hannah Brown crashing Pilot Pete's premiere to a botched bikini editing job. Now, the infamous Fantasy Suite dates have come and gone. Fantasy Suite week is always one of the more dramatic episodes of any Bachelor season, but this season's episode was definitely one for the books. The reason? Contestant Madison Prewett had previously told Weber that she was "saving herself for marriage," per Parade. She also said that "she wouldn't be OK with Peter being intimate with any of the other women on the show." 

In the end, according to Style Caster, Weber was intimate with at least one of the other contestants, so it seems like Prewett could end up walking away. However, even though fans are convinced that they know what happens to Prewett, things might not be exactly how they seem. We're diving into all the signs that Madison Prewett wins this season of The Bachelor, so there are quite a few spoilers ahead — consider yourself warned.

Madison's Instagram activity might have given her away

Filming wraps on The Bachelor months before the show actually airs, meaning that the contestants, the winner and the lead all have to be super careful not to say or do anything that might spoil the ending. In fact, keeping their mouths shut post-filming is just one of the many rules contestants on The Bachelor have to follow. One example of a lead breaking that rule is when Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe accidentally posted a Snapchat video of her in bed, cozying up to the winner of her season, Shawn Booth.

While that remains one of the biggest social media slip-ups in Bachelor history, Madison Prewett might have committed a social media faux pas of her own (albeit, a small one). At the time of this writing, Prewett is following the charity Seed to Mountain Ministries on Instagram. That name probably doesn't ring a bell, but, according to Cosmopolitan, lead Peter Weber is a partner of the charity. To add fuel to the fire, Prewett's dad (aka "Coach Prew") is also following the account — and they're following him back.

Granted, by no means is that concrete evidence that Weber and Prewett end up together. That being said, it would definitely explain how the Bachelor contestant is affiliated with the charity. Weber is slated to go on a trip with Seed to Mountain Ministries in May 2020, and we wouldn't be surprised if Prewett showed up, too.

Madison was spotted filming with 'Bachelor' production after the show wrapped

On Feb. 11, 2020, pictures surfaced of Madison Prewett out and about in Auburn, Ala., her hometown, filming something with Bachelor production. At that time, filming for Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor was long over. Some fans speculated that the Season 24 contestant was shooting promos for The Bachelorette, which would indicate that she didn't end up being Weber's final choice. However, according to Heavy, production doesn't typically start filming Bachelorette promos until the official announcement about the new season's lead is made. For that reason, the outlet notes that Prewett was more than likely filming something related to this season of The Bachelor.

While fans think Prewett will self-eliminate at some point in the coming episodes, the production crew points to the fact that Weber and Prewett might have reunited after the show wrapped. Over the course of the season, Weber has continuously said that his season will go unspoiled and that it will have a "unique" ending. It's very possible that Prewett was filming that ending in early February. 

Only time will tell what exactly Prewett was shooting with production, but unless Bachelor crews stopped by her hometown to get her to trash her ex, it seems very likely that the Auburn gal will end up with Weber's final rose.

Reality Steve thinks Madison gets Peter's final rose

If you don't know who Reality Steve (real name Steve Carbone) is, he's basically the king of Bachelor Nation spoilers. Nearly every season, he knows exactly what's going to go down and spills the tea before the finale airs. However, this season Bachelor producers seem to have him stumped. Since filming wrapped in November 2019, he's been piecing together how the season ends.

At this point, even though he doesn't know everything that goes down, he believes he at least knows who Peter Weber ends up with — and all signs point to Madison Prewett. "I have heard from numerous sources 'Madison is with Peter. They are dating but not engaged,'" Steve wrote on his blog on Feb. 25, 2020. "If you're holding a gun to my head and forced me to [guess] how this all plays out, [that] would be my guess at this point." Well, there you have it. 

In 2016, The Hollywood Reporter noted that Steve had "been spoiling the show for the better part of a decade." He's never too far off the mark when it comes to his spoilers, so this season probably won't be any different. All that to say, if you had your heart set on Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller riding off into the sunset with Peter, it's probably time to say your goodbyes and prepare to follow their transition from Bachelor contestant to Instagram influencer.