Kirk Douglas' Grandson Looks Exactly Like The Legend

When Kirk Douglas passed away on Feb. 5, 2020, at the age of 103, he left behind a lasting legacy that will be remembered by fans of his popular films and admirers of his good deeds. In addition to being a star of the big screen, the highly-respected actor was also a devoted family man who will be missed by those who were closest to him. The Hollywood legend was the father of four sons, Joel, Peter, and Eric (who sadly passed away in 2004), as well as his most famous offspring, Michael Douglas. Kirk was also the grandfather of Michael's children, including Cameron Douglas.

Cameron is the son of Michael and his first wife, Diandra Luker. And while he may not be the industry icon that his father is and his grandfather was, the younger Douglas does have something in common with his famous family members: their looks. While each man has his own particular characteristics and unique style, you'll be surprised by the ways Cameron takes after his beloved grandpa.

Cameron Douglas is 'a ripped and tatted version of Kirk Douglas'

Cameron Douglas has followed a very different path than the one that his father, Michael Douglas, and grandfather, Kirk Douglas, walked before him. Like his famous family members, Cameron is also an actor. However, he's dealt with serious drug problems that landed him in prison for seven years. He was ultimately released in 2016. During his time behind bars, the "baby-faced Douglas ... reshap[ed] himself by pumping iron and getting prison tattoos," according to the New York Post. By the time he got out, the Los Angeles Times reported that he was "a changed man" and "a ripped and tatted version of Kirk Douglas."

It's obvious that the two men shared certain features, like their cheeky smile and dominant chin, however, Cameron's newer bulked-up frame is now covered with ink that includes text like— "Take the long way home," "Timeless," "Tick," and "Tock" — as well as logos for both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees. While plenty of other images fill up his arms, chest, and abdomen, it's hard to miss the two faces on his ribcage. One portrait is of Michael Douglas and the other is Kirk Douglas. Those tributes are definitely fitting as the younger man adores his father and had a very special relationship with his grandfather.

Kirk Douglas always showed up for his grandson (literally)

Despite the fact that Cameron Douglas struggled with drugs, his grandfather never gave up on him. In fact, Kirk Douglas was always willing to support his grandson — even in ways that you might not expect.

Following Kirk's' death in February 2020, Cameron opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about a time when he was younger and DJing in New York. Even though he didn't go on until midnight, he revealed that it didn't stop Kirk and his wife, Anne, from turning up to support him. The pair "showed up at around 12:30 a.m." even though Kirk "must've been in his late 80s, early 90s" at the time. "It really was amazing," Cameron recalled. "I went over to them and couldn't really even talk because the music was so loud, but that's just what they did. They always showed up — for everyone in the family. He was always there, always supportive and he believed in me even when maybe I had given up on myself. He made sure I knew that."

More recently, Kirk wanted Cameron to know that he was thrilled that his grandson had gotten his life back on track. "He said to me, not that long ago, 'Cameron, I'm so happy to see that you're finally functioning,'" Cameron told the outlet. "That's this kind of credo among the members of our family — to be 'functioning' — and I know that made him proud." 

In addition to his grandson, Kirk was also proud of another Douglas family member. 

Cameron's daughter was also close with Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas wasn't just a loving father and grandfather, he was also an adoring great-grandfather. On Dec. 18, 2017, Cameron Douglas welcomed a baby girl into the world, Lua Izzy Douglas, with his girlfriend, actress Viviane Thibes. Lua was bound to have a bond with Kirk, who she was named after (the elder Douglas' birth name was Issur and he was known as Izzy). And, indeed, Kirk and Lua formed a special relationship during the final years of the icon's life. Cameron told The Hollywood Reporter that he had moved to a place that was just 15 minutes from where his grandfather was living, which gave him the chance to "[spend] a lot of time with him" while also taking his little one "over on weekends."

"Just watching the bond between my daughter and grandfather was extremely special," Cameron said. "He would light up every time she was around. When she was in the same room, all she wanted to do was either be in his lap or be the focus of his attention." Although Kirk has now passed, Cameron is determined to keep his memory alive so that he'll always be a part of Lua's life. "I'll remind her of that when she gets older," he said, "showing her that connection through photos. It's pretty special."