Jane Fonda's Granddaughter Looks Exactly Like The Legend

Over the years, Jane Fonda has cemented her spot as an iconic actress. The Hollywood star has two Oscars, seven Golden Globes, one Emmy, and more awards to her name. Although she got her first role in her early 20s, Fonda has continued acting into her 80s, thanks to projects like Netflix's Grace and FrankieGrace and Frankie was renewed last fall for a seventh and final season, making it the streaming service's longest-running original show, per Variety.

Beyond her work on-screen, Fonda has become known as an activist, especially when it comes to fighting against climate change — going so far as getting arrested on a weekly basis for protests, which she calls Fire Drill Fridays. (She's been joined by fellow Hollywood greats like Ted Danson and Lily Tomlin.) The Book Club actress' activist attitude is spreading to the next generation, specifically her own family tree. Fonda's granddaughter Viva Vadim accompanied her back in November. 

And while it's noteworthy that she joined her grandma's activism, it's also fascinating to see how much these two look alike. Yup, Viva is Fonda's little doppelgänger. Keep reading to learn more about the star's family and their striking resemblance.

Jane Fonda and her granddaughter both got arrested — for good reason

According to Closer Weekly, Jane Fonda has three children: Vanessa Vadim, Mary Luana Williams, and Troy Garity. Fonda's daughter Vanessa — who she had with then-husband, French director Roger Vadim — gave birth to her own baby girl back in 2002. (Vanessa also has a son named Malcolm.) Viva is the one taking after her grandma's political spirit and her facial features.

In November 2019, Viva joined her grandma's climate change protests — and she even got arrested. Fonda wrote on Instagram, "With my granddaughter Viva Vadim who got arrested with 38 others today. Follow @firedrillfriday to take action against climate change." Check out the image below to see the resemblance for yourself.

Additionally, Viva accompanied Fonda at a 2013 red carpet, where the pair posed alongside comedian Jim Carrey. The event was for Fonda's hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre. The actress reflected on the experience on her website, writing, "Another reason it was special is because I had my family with me." She added of Carrey, "I am just getting to know him but I have been a huge admirer of his forever as has my granddaughter, Viva. You should have seen her face when she turned in her seat at the start of the ceremony and saw him." Fonda was "so grateful" for Carrey's presence — and likely the event as a whole.

Jane Fonda wants her grandchildren to discover their own passions

While it's clear that Jane Fonda values her acting career and her platform for activism, she also cares deeply about her family. In an April 2016 interview with The Guardian, the 82-year-old said, "I love being a grandmother, though I live further away from my grandchildren now and don't see them as much as I used to. What I hope for them is that they discover their passion, because the most wonderful thing in life is finding out what you want to do. I want them to learn that you don't always get your way in life, but that the important thing is not falling apart."

The star continued, "You hope as you get older that you'll gain wisdom, but wisdom doesn't just come from having lots of experiences. If I've got any wisdom it's because I've looked at my experiences and tried to understand their meaning: that's what matters." She's likely passing on that well-earned wisdom to her loved ones, too.

That doesn't mean Jane Fonda doesn't have any family-related regrets

Although she's already fondly looking ahead to her grandkids' futures, Jane Fonda does have some critiques about her familial relationships. In March 2017, Fonda told Net-a-Porter"I regret that I wasn't a better parent. I didn't know how to do it. But you can learn, so I studied how to be a parent. It's never too late. I am trying to make up for what I didn't know before. When I die, I want my family to be around me. I want them to love me and I have to earn that."

A few years prior, Fonda reflected on just how many similarities she and her daughter Vanessa Vadim share. She wrote in a 2013 post on her website, "My daughter is very much like me in many ways and very different in many ways. She's brave, strong, exceedingly smart, cooks well... and is very creative. She's someone you'd want around in a crisis. We haven't always gotten along. I am not, by nature, particularly maternal."

No matter what tough times happened in the past, it sounds like Fonda has mended things with her children. And as a result, she's formed a sweet bond with her grandchildren, including her mini-me Viva.