Peter Weber's Mom Responds To Criticism After Bachelor Finale

Now that Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor is over, we all need to take a hot minute to recover. There was more drama than our poor pilot even knew what to do with, and he seemed to make some major relationship decisions faster than his scar could heal. Between Hannah Ann sassing Peter on national television and Peter and Madison making their official debut as a (semi-unconvincing) couple, Peter's season was one wild ride up until the very last second of the finale (even Kim Kardashian thought so).

While it would have made sense for the finale drama to go down between the two ladies who were left vying for Peter's heart, the woman who stole the show was none other than Mrs. Barbara Weber, Peter's mom, who applauded as Hannah Ann berated Peter. Later in the night, Barbara rolled her eyes when Madison said she was so sad after leaving Australia that she couldn't eat — Barb!

With the level of drama she was bringing, Marie Claire went so far as to say that Barbara was the "only good thing about the finale." In addition to the finale, Barbara also became a major force on the show during the last few episodes when Hannah Ann and Madison met Peter's family in Australia. Of course, Madi had met the Webers on her very first one-on-one with Peter when she went to his family's home for Barbara and Peter Sr.'s vow renewals. 

Even though Barb only met Hannah Ann once, she seemed to be much more fond of her than Madison — here's why. 

Barbara Weber isn't afraid to speak her mind

Throughout the final episodes, it was clear that Barbara Weber felt that there was a palpable love between Hannah Ann and Peter that she couldn't detect between him and Madison. Another reason Madison had fallen out of favor with the pilot's mom? Barbara claimed that Madison kept them waiting as a family for three hours in Australia and didn't apologize when she finally came into the house to greet them. According to People, Barbara said this was because: "[Madison] didn't want to meet us. We had just come across the world and we were exhausted." 

To be fair, it didn't seem like Madison didn't want to meet the Weber family. She had a serious conversation that needed to be finished with Peter and she couldn't go into the house and act like everything was perfect when it wasn't. Barbara went on to explain why she was upset: "When I proceeded to ask her if she was madly in love with my son, she said 'No.' And that she would not accept a proposal in four days. How do you expect a mother who loves her son with all of her heart to take that?," per People

Fans of Bachelor Nation have allegedly been sending Barbara some spiteful messages because of her obvious support of Hannah Ann. As People notes, someone jumped to Barbara's defense online saying, "Can people please leave her alone! Barb, I think you did the right thing." Barbara responded, saying, "Thanks but I ignore all negatives!!"

Barbara Weber seemingly liked a couple of Peter's ladies more than Madison

In addition to throwing her weight behind Hannah Ann in the final episodes, it appears that Barbara Weber is also setting up lunch dates with another one of her son's ex-girlfriends. According to Cosmopolitan, Barbara wrote: "We need to do lunch and go shopping for the day," on one of Bachelor contestant Kelly Flanagan's Instagram photos. On another photo Barbara commented: "The Most Beautiful, Elegant, Classy, Intelligent Stylish Girl in the world!!! You were and will always be my Fav rav." Wow! That can't exactly be fun for Madison. 

During The Bachelor finale, Barbara said: "We want the best for him. I have to tell you, completely two different people. One was willing to compromise and the other one was not. You need both to compromise. Earlier Peter said, I gave my heart to two people. At that place, one only gave his heart to him and that was Hannah Ann. To me, of course, my love went to Hannah Ann," as quoted by People.

Mind you, all of that was said while Madison was on stage! Ouch. However, Madison proved a worthy opponent, saying, "I disagree. I think this isn't just Peter's journey. When you sign up to come on a show like this, you're looking for love, too. This wasn't just Peter looking for his wife. I totally understand as a mother you're going to be thinking about Peter, but this is my journey, too. This isn't just Peter choosing me. This is me choosing Peter."

Barbara Weber isn't convinced her son's new relationship will last

As if all of Barbara Weber's eye rolling wasn't enough, she got one final dig in while Peter and Madison sat together on stage during The Bachelor finale. Us Weekly reports that, Chris Harrison asked Barbara how everyone could get through this drama and Barbara said of Peter, "Chris, he's going to have to fail to succeed. All his friends, all his family, everyone that knows him knows that it's not going to work." Yikes! 

Barbara seemed really eager to defend Peter's lifestyle and was very vocal that she doesn't want Peter to change. During the previous episode, Barbara told Madison that she didn't see the two of them as compatible because: "[Peter] socializes, he parties." That being said, isn't going on a reality TV show to find your wife supposed to change your lifestyle? 

Anyways, while fans have varying opinions on Barbara and her defense of Hannah Ann, it is unfortunate that Peter's mother is dealing with online hate. Sure, she wasn't crazy friendly to Madison during the finale but, in light of the segment on online bullying that happened during "The Women Tell All" episode, it's really sad that Barbara is experiencing hate online. 

Chris Harrison promises it every season, but this truly might have been one of the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelor ever. However, it seems like some more drama is just on the horizon, especially considering fans are angry about the next Bachelorette.