The Real Reason Eva Amurri Got Divorced

The Banger Sisters star Eva Amurri is clearly living her best life as a single mom to newborn son Mateo Antoni Martino, but fans still have many unanswered questions about her sudden split from her soccer star ex, Kyle Martino.

As you may know, Amurri, 35, and Martino, 39, called it quits in November 2019, while the actress — Susan Sarandon's daughter — was still pregnant. They finalized their divorce on Feb. 4, more than a month before their son's birth on March 13. As Page Six reported, Martino wasn't even in the room for their baby's birth, as Amurri said she didn't feel comfortable with him seeing her in that vulnerable stage now that they are not together. 

The stars — who were married for eight years — announced the news of their breakup on Instagram, alongside a photo of them looking happy with their two eldest kids: son Major James, 3, and daughter Marlowe Mae, 5. "Our family is starting down a new path," the caption in their identical posts read. "After a lot of thoughtful consideration, and work on our relationship, we have made the difficult decision to lovingly part ways as a couple."

Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino announce their split

The celebrities insisted at the time of their breakup announcement that there's no bad blood between them and they're devoted to peacefully coparenting. "We are committed to, and excited about, raising our three beautiful children as close friends and deep partners, and we have the utmost respect for one another," they wrote in their Instagram statement. "We feel so grateful for the wonderful gifts we have created and received throughout our decade together."

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Strangely, just one month before their unexpected separation, the parents-of-three still celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary, and gushed about each other on their Instagrams! There really must be no negative feelings here.

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"Thanks for being able to see the funny side of the craziness of sharing a life with me. Through all the ups and downs you've stayed a rock for us all. Thank you for that. 8 years ago I decided to walk across a room, that day saved my life. Happy anniversary babe, I love you," Martino captioned a shot of them laughing together on their wedding day.

Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino's biggest scandal

Both stars managed to stay away from Hollywood drama throughout their marriage, but a few years ago, they came clean about a nanny scandal that shocked the world.

In 2016, Martino had to fire their children's nanny after she sent him a naughty text — allegedly meant to go to one of her girlfriends — admitting that she wanted to get cozy with him! According to Amurri, her then-husband confronted the woman after seeing her text and asked about it. The nanny didn't seem too embarrassed, making him believe it was not a mistake. Then, he fired her.

While Amurri told the story as a kind of funny but annoying anecdote, rumors quickly spread that Martino may have been hiding an affair. Still, the couple insisted it was nothing but a bad experience with an employee. Amurri even shared the dirty details on her blog, Happily Eva After

That same year, Amurri opened up about difficulties in her marriage to Martino. She wrote in her blog that their relationship was a "work in progress" and admitted that "things are not always easy between us, and we've had our fair share of relationship 'downs.'" She didn't elaborate on their issues. 

Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino are now moving on

Kyle Martino moved out of their family home shortly after his and Eva Amurri's Instagram breakup announcement. He even documented the move-out day on his social media channels, praising his kids for being understanding and supportive. Neither her nor his famous ex have further explained their split. Still, it seems they're keeping their promise to remain friendly and united. On Valentine's Day, the athlete even posted a loving Instagram tribute to Amurri, writing: "I will always carry your heart, carry it in my heart. Love you Mama."

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While the world is thirsty for gossip about outrageous affairs and shocking marital drama, it seems Amurri and Martino's split came after years of subtle relationship complications, and in the end, resulted in them drifting apart. Now, as they juggle being single parents amid the coronavirus pandemic, they are socially distancing from one another, all while continuing to take care of their kids.