The Truth About Love Is Blind's Lauren And Cameron's Relationship

Arguably the most beloved couple to come out of Netflix's Love is Blind? That honor goes to Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed, who (spoiler alert) got married at the end of Season 1. The adorable duo overcame a few obstacles to get where they are today, including skepticism from Lauren's dad, who had reservations about his daughter dating a white man. However, the Atlanta resident's father quickly overcame the issue, as she relayed to Essence, "You could be with someone who's the same race as you and be treated terribly. So for him, the most important thing was just like being with somebody who loves, respects and honors you."

Although some fans might be distrusting of a couple who found love in such a strange environment (they dated and got engaged while separated from one another in "pods," and married within weeks, FYI), it appears Lauren and Cameron are thriving. In fact, the truth about their relationship is enough to make fans fall in love with them all over again.

Cameron and Lauren might be headed back to TV

A common question Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed are asked post-show concerns when they'll have kids. "Everyone wants me to be pregnant so bad!" Speed said during a March 2020 Q&A with fans on their YouTube channel. "Well, I'm not pregnant! I just like baggy clothes. As for babies, we definitely want to have kids sooner rather than later. Definitely in the next year or so." She added, "Cameron and I's schedule has picked up, and there's a lot of opportunities coming up... We want to dip and dive into that. So [kids are] not something we're planning tomorrow, but it's definitely something."

Speaking of those busy schedules, Cameron and Lauren may be headed back to reality TV. A source close to Love is Blind told Women's Health that the two are supposedly being considered for a spin-off, sharing, "These shows can work. You don't have to do 12 seasons. But one season where fans can see and spotlight just them can work. So there are definitely discussions." The insider said Netflix has to OK a new show, so nothing is confirmed yet. "But yes, we hear the fans," the insider added.

We're down to see more of Lauren and Cameron, but we hope their future project doesn't follow the lead of these unbelievably lazy TV spinoffs.

Of course, everything isn't perfect

We stand by our opinion that Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed seem to have an incredible partnership. However, like any couple out there, they too have their issues. "Cam doesn't rinse the dishes before we put something in the dishwasher and that drives me crazy," Lauren joked to CNN. The dishwasher is also a point of contention for Cameron, who shared, "It drives me crazy how she loads the dishwasher because there's no rhyme or reason to it."

Of course, these issues are to be expected considering they did this whole relationship thing in reverse. "We got married and then it's like we started dating after the marriage," Cameron explained to CNN. But although there have been some growing pains, the positives outweigh the negatives. "It took me a while to get used to that," Lauren told Us Weekly about adjusting to married life. "Like, I'm so independent, I like doing stuff on my own, and Cameron's like, 'Let me help you.' So I've been loving it. It's good to have a partner. It's good."

Where were Cameron's parents during filming?

Fans had the pleasure of getting to meet Lauren Speed's parents on the show, with both her dad and mom having extended conversations with Cameron Hamilton. Lauren's mother was even treated to a surprise rap performance from Cam, although he might like to leave that hilarious moment in the rearview mirror. 

Considering Lauren's family had a big role in the show, it's fair some fans are curious about Cameron's parents. The truth? They did meet Lauren before the wedding. "That's such a pivotal moment in any couple's relationship," Cameron said during an appearance on Page Six's We Hear podcast about his then-fiancée meeting his loved ones. "It was a sweet moment — Mom and Lauren really bonded very quickly ... Lauren's dad came over soon after, and all of us got together and bonded over [the fact] that we were getting married and what that would mean for the future." Lauren added, "So many people were like ... 'Did you meet his parents? Did they not want to meet you?' It's like, 'No! We met, and it was great — but that did not make it in the show.'"

We're not sure why Love is Blind supposedly cut the footage, but it's nice to know both families do get along.