Dave McCary: Who Is Emma Stone's Husband?

After Emma Stone's very public, on-again-off-again relationship with Andrew Garfield, her love life currently seems like a breeze. It's also significantly more out of the spotlight compared to when she and her "Amazing Spider-Man" co-star fueled countless rumors. So much so that casual fans may not even realize Stone got engaged in 2019. If you're among the crew just finding out this happy news, it's the perfect time to get acquainted with the actor's husband, Dave McCary.

While McCary may not be in front of the camera like his Academy Award-winning spouse, that doesn't mean he's totally out of touch with the entertainment industry. As it turns out, he worked for one of television's go-to comedic hits: "Saturday Night Live." McCary was a writer and segment director on the NBC show from 2013 through 2019 — even earning a few Emmy noms along the way, per Harper's Bazaar.

It's actually because of "SNL" that he crossed paths with Stone in the first place. So let's take a look back at their love story, shall we?

They announced their engagement in a very low-key way

While Emma Stone stays away from social media, her husband is more active on the 'gram. But considering Stone literally does not have an Instagram account, it doesn't take much to put him ahead of her. In other words, don't expect Dave McCary to be posting selfies every five seconds. He last posted on December 4, 2019 to announce his engagement to the world. He shared a post-proposal pic with just a heart emoji in the caption.

Essentially, McCary let the ring speak for itself, rather than writing a lengthy ode to their love. And let's just say, even though the IG announcement was on the low-key side, the bling was anything but. According to Harper's Bazaar, Stone's engagement ring "features an eight-millimeter pearl at its center, surrounded by tiny diamonds" and it's got a diamond-encrusted 18-karat beige gold band. 

All of that fancy jewelry lingo translates to a gorgeous ring — that's stunning, even when slightly blurry like in the above engagement selfie. (Hey, they must've just been too excited to hold the camera steady.)

Emma Stone and Dave McCary bond over their 'sense of adventure'

According to IMDb, Dave McCary's time on "Saturday Night Live" spans the course of six years. He worked on the unforgettable Harry Styles double-duty episode in November 2019, as well as Larry David and Miley Cyrus' episode in 2017. Of course, one of the most noteworthy lines on his resume is when he worked on Emma Stone's 2016 "SNL" episode. He directed the "Wells for Boys" sketch his now-wife appeared in, and the pair's romantic relationship was confirmed less than a year later in October 2017.

In addition to "SNL," the University of Southern California grad has written a range of shorts over the years titled "Outrageous Fun" and "My Mom's a MILF," among others (per IMDb). An insider told People, "Dave is a super down-to-earth guy. Most of his best friends are people he's known since he was a kid, and he's not affected by Hollywood. He's very creative and funny, and he and Emma share the same sense of adventure."

Before the wedding, they checked another milestone off the list: buying a Malibu home together, per People.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary got married

Emma Stone said "I do" to Dave McCary! Three years after meeting on "Saturday Night Live," McCary announced that he had popped the question to the "La La Land" actor in a now-deleted Instagram post in December 2019, per Vogue. The photo was a selfie of the two posing as Stone showed off her beautiful engagement ring. The couple has been and still is extremely private about their 2020 nuptials. However, they have shared details about the big day here and there. 

According to Hello!, Stone and McCary postponed their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they were eventually able to tie the knot in September 2020. In 2023, Stone revealed to the "Smartless" podcast, "The week that I got married, I did open a refrigerator and the handle broke off and I got a black eye." It seems like every bride's worst nightmare, but Stone did not let her accident ruin her big day. 

Although they have been keeping the details of the ceremony close to their chest, fans got a glimpse of what the night, or should we say, what Stone looked like on her wedding day when she attended the 2022 Met Gala. Vogue revealed that the mini white feathered dress was the look that the "Past Lives" actor rocked for her wedding day afterparty. Despite the rare info on their wedding, the main takeaway is that Stone and McCary are still madly in love.