The Real Reason Bear From Alaskan Bush People Hasn't Met His Newborn Son

It's no secret Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has had a tumultuous relationship with Raiven Adams, the mother of his newborn son. It all started when the duo met at Noah Brown's wedding in August 2018, as Adams' mom, Kassy Michelle, was hired to photograph the event. "Her mom has always had a passion for photography and Raiven helps her out with weddings and other photoshoots from time to time," Bear told People in July 2019.

The couple got engaged in August 2019 but broke up just two weeks later, announcing their split and pregnancy news at the same time. "Raiven and I are excited to share we're expecting a baby this spring!" Bear explained to People. "Even though we're no longer together, we're still friends and dedicated to raising a healthy and happy child."

Raiven and Bear reconciled in September 2019 (we know, this is getting confusing), and broke up again in November 2019. Then in February 2020, Adams filed a domestic violence protective order against the reality star. Adams accused Bear of being "verbally abusive," and withholding "food" and "money" from her as punishment, per court docs obtained by The Blast. She also alleged Bear abused drugs.

The couple's son, River Anthony, arrived prematurely on March 9, 2020, and was hospitalized after an emergency C-section. Thankfully, River is doing fine as of this writing, but his dad still hasn't paid him a visit. As for the reason why? It's complicated

Brown Bear and Raiven Adams' case of he said, she said

Three days after River Anthony was born, Bear Brown filed a "Petition for Disestablishment of Paternity," The Sun reported. Although some fans saw this as an attempt from Bear to dodge his son, this was not the case. "I am not trying to un-establish myself as River's Dad, I am trying to establish myself AS his dad, so that I will have equal rights as a parent!" he explained on Instagram (via The Sun). "When my petition was filed there was a mistake in the order, it was supposed to say I'm trying to establish myself as River's dad! NOT un-establish!"

Bear also claimed that he wasn't notified of River's birth and hadn't seen him due to the coronavirus, writing on Instagram, "I just wanted to let y'all guys know that I would be with River if I could but with everything going on with this virus it would only put him in danger!" Raiven Adams disputed Bear's claim, stating that she tried calling her ex during and after labor. She posted supposed text messages between the two to prove her side, captioning it, "call me" (via The Sun).

As for the protective order against Bear, Adams withdrew her request for a long-term restraining order, The Sun reported.

Unfortunately, this saga appears to be just another sad detail that has come out about the Alaskan Bush People.

Raiven Adams' mom speaks out

Following River's birth, Raiven Adams' mom, Kassy Michelle, gave an interesting interview with In Touch Weekly, seemingly giving fans a hint about Bear Brown's involvement with the newborn. "River is her only concern at this point," Kassy explained. "This is a lot for a single mother to take in. She spent two months in the hospital before this trying to keep him in until 34 weeks. She literally risked her life to have this baby."

Did anyone else catch the "single mom" part? Hmm.

It also sounds like Kassy isn't the biggest fan of Bear or his family, as she allegedly commented negatively about him on Instagram with other fans. " ... They haven't reached out since [Raiven] left nor cared to ask how she is doing," she complained on her Instagram, which has since been deleted (via The Ashley's Reality Roundup). "She's defending Bear to keep the peace and protect that family. But I'm not going to continue to be drug thru the mud without at least speaking my side."

Kassy also claimed Raiven isn't a greedy person, supposedly stating in a since-deleted comment, " ... [Raiven] doesn't want his money or anything to do with him. It's all about the baby now, she had to walk away to protect herself and her baby." 

Raiven Adams might feel judged by Bear Brown's fans

It's possible Raiven Adams feels criticized by Bear Brown's fans, as her Instagram post from March 21, 2020, seems to suggest. "Judging a situation without being there and knowing the actual facts, ruins lives and relationships, so you best know the full story before attacking someone and making false accusations," a shared quote read, which she captioned (via The Sun), "Facts and it makes you all look real dumb."

Although it's sad to imagine Adams feels misunderstood during a vulnerable time in her life, it sounds like loving River makes things easier. "Sorry but all you will get here is baby spam," she captioned an Instagram photo with her son (via The Sun). "The love of my life I'm not playing. I can't even handle it my brain has a whole new mode. So I am on mommy mode 24/7!"

Of course, we wish Adams and her new baby the best going forward.