The Real Reason Tamra Judge Will Never Have A Pool Again

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is known for having strong opinions about everything from fitness to family to anything Kelly Dodd says about her business. Apparently in-ground pools are on that list, too. In early April 2020, Tamra took questions from fans on her Instagram Story and shared the real reason she never wants to have a pool at her home again, per Bravo.

In all truth, Tamra's reasoning actually makes a lot of sense. A fan asked if her Covenant Hills home in Ladera Ranch, Calif. — which she recently moved back into — has a pool. "No, and I will never have one again," Tamra responded. "They look pretty but we never used it. We have a beautiful backyard and courtyard with a bar here."

She's probably better off not having to deal with the upkeep of a pool. And if Tamra ever does want to take a dip, her BFF and former castmate Shannon Beador recently moved into a new home complete with an in-ground pool, so she's all set.

Tamra and Eddie Judge move back into their old home

Tamra Judge and her husband Eddie have been moving around quite a bit in the past couple years. In 2018, the couple sold their pool-less Covenant Hills home and moved into a $2 million Coto de Caza home (complete with a pool, by the way). But then a real estate agent called them up and said someone wanted to put an offer on the 6-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom property, even though it wasn't on the market.

The buyer was offering $200,000 more than what they paid in 2018, according to Bravo, which Tamra and Eddie just couldn't turn down. The next step was easy, as Tamra told the Jeff Lewis Live podcast. She said that just hours after the offer, the renters in the Covenant Hills house gave notice that they were moving out. Tamra said (via Bravo), "I knew then God was giving me a sign and we needed to trust him."

That doesn't mean they don't have a lot of work to do on the old house now that they're back. According to Bravo, the couple is gutting the master bathroom, removing arches in the kitchen, and changing the laundry room tile, while also putting in lighter floors throughout. Hopefully these changes make up for the fact that Tamra believes the home "doesn't like them."

Tamra Judge believes her home is haunted

Yes, you read that correctly. While the deal to move out of the Coto de Caza was too good to turn down, the Covenant Hills home does come with some baggage. Tamra Judge told Most Wanted in 2018 that since initially moving in, it was "one thing after another." 

"We moved in under construction, which was stressful. Then, our dog got cancer. Then, our guinea pig died. Then, I broke my foot the same day the guinea pig died," Tamra explained (via Bravo), noting that Eddie Judge had the first of his many heart procedures after moving in. And get this — the fact that they moved in the first place was all because of the lush backyard without a pool. 

Tamra loved the backyard, but recalled, "When we bought the house Eddie goes, 'I don't have a good feeling about this house.' He told me that. And I'm like 'Really?' He's like, 'I don't have a good feeling.'" Despite that gut instinct, Eddie said they could get it if Tamra really wanted to, so they did.

But while redoing the house, things went awry. Tamra said, "In the process, water leaks happen. The day before he went into the hospital, he tried to put the TV on the wall and hit a fire sprinkler and flooded the whole house after we had just done a lot of construction." Ultimately, she concluded, "I don't think the house likes us."

Tamra Judge shut down rumors that they moved because of financial issues

The offer to sell their Coto de Caza home actually came just after Tamra Judge announced she was leaving RHOC. She's said it wouldn't have happened, had she not been in the news and just lost a substantial portion of her income. 

But that doesn't mean that she and Eddie Judge were worried about money or quickly sold the home to make up for it, as some fans suggested. Tamra shut those rumors down in an interview with In Touch Weekly in February 2020. "Poor we are NOT, but we did lose a big chunk of money," she said of losing her Bravo contract. "I knew this day was coming and we spent the last seven years setting ourselves up for it."

"[Haters] can think what they want. Sadly people want to see you fail," she added, noting that her and Eddie run CUT Fitness and a CBD company, Vena Wellness. Clearly they've got ways to keep making bank.

A pool really is unnecessary, if you ask Tamra Judge

Based on her house-related bad luck, it's probably better that Tamra Judge refuses to put a pool in and just enjoys her massive backyard and outdoor bar. The renovations will hopefully make their lives easier, although they may still have to contend with some bad neighbors that also caused them to want to sell back in 2018.

The reality star said on Instagram Story in August 2019, per Bravo, "We had some not-so nice neighbors that were making us feel uncomfortable. So we sold and got the hell out." Tamra hasn't mentioned yet if the neighbors that were giving them problems are still there as they move back in.

In any case, now that Tamra's left the Real Housewives of Orange County for good and won't be filming this season, she'll have more than enough time to oversee the renovations, clear out any bad vibes, make nice with the neighbors, and lounge in her backyard. All without a pool to take care of, of course.