The Real Reason Jen Harley Hates Jersey Shore

Even though she's not actually a cast member, Jen Harley has been a major focus on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his on-again-off-again girlfriend/baby mama brought some of the most controversial storylines to the show — often at their own expense. During the first season, Ortiz-Magro cheated on Harley with a woman nicknamed "french fries" while Harley was pregnant with the couple's child. Since then, fans have seen them break up and make up more times than anyone can count. While some people think all publicity is good publicity, Harley does not believe in that adage.

In an April 2020 interview with In Touch Weekly, Harley claimed, "I wish it was never part of our lives. It completely ruined our family, ruined the person I was in love with." She explained that she started watching Family Vacation when it aired in April 2018 and "realized everything they were doing and how Ronnie was acting on the show and it was just really s***ty so I didn't watch it anymore."

Ultimately, Harley said, "I'm just at the point where I just really don't even want it in my life anymore because it's caused so much chaos." Since she isn't a cast member, Harley doesn't do confessionals. As a result, "[i]t's always his side, his side, his side." She added, "then it's seven other people backing his side and never once have I gotten the chance to defend myself unless it's on social media." 

And, unfortunately, she's had to clap back a lot.

Jen Harley does not want fame from Jersey Shore

In February 2020, Jen Harley posted a photo of her daughter, Ariana, wearing a shirt that said "meatball in training." As Jersey Shore fans know, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Deena Cortese refer to themselves as the "meatballs" of the cast. The photo was adorable, but there were plenty of trolls in the comment section.

The Blast reported that one commenter wrote, "Stop riding jersey shore coat tails [sic]." Someone else agreed and commented, "[e]xactly!! Lol cause she would be irrelevant otherwise." That's when Harley replied, "believe me I don't want to be relevant because it brings out a bunch of negative a** Debbie downer b***hes like you who just hate for no reason." She also clarified that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was actually the one who gave the baby that shirt.

She also commented, "I don't want fame. I just want a family and a career and a good man." In March 2020, Celebrity Insider reported on a now-deleted post that Harley shared on Instagram. In the comments section, she was asked if she would be back on the show. She reportedly clapped back, "Absolutely not! [I'm] staying far away from that mess!"

Jen Harley says she was abused by Jersey Shore cast and MTV

While Jen Harley claimed that she "like[d] everybody on the show" during her April 2020 In Touch Weekly interview, she painted a very different picture in a September 2019 Instagram Story. The Ashley's Reality Roundup shared a screenshot of the post. Harley began, "I hated to post this tonight but I can't keep taking the abuse by MTV and Ron [Ortiz-Magro] and the cast. Everyone always apologize[s] to me for the saying the things they have to say about me .. but I can't take the abuse anymore. It's not me, I can prove everything!!"

She went on to claim, "I'm the one bullied and abused by everyone. Just bc [sic] I don't post the things that happen to me doesn't mean it doesn't happen!!" She concluded, "Isn't it weird you never hear my side?? Bc [sic] I don't need to tell it." Yet, ironically, she was telling her side in that Instagram Story post.

While the couple's ups and downs have provided some compelling storylines, it sounds like Harley is done with Jersey Shore... for now anyway.