The Real Reason Alissa Violet And Jake Paul Broke Up

Brace yourselves for this bumpy (and slightly confusing) ride. Jake Paul — who got famous on Vine and had a brief stint on Disney Channel — eventually landed a supreme spot as a YouTube star, according to Harper's Bazaar. He's had multiple tumultuous relationships in the past, and while there's something to say about all of them, right now we're focusing on Jake's history with fellow YouTuber, Alissa Violet.

Alissa and Jake are both originally from Ohio. They met when he and his brother, Logan Paul, were back in their home state for an appearance, according to HollywoodLife. Alissa wanted to become a model and social media influencer, so Jake encouraged her to move to Los Angeles. She took his advice and signed up with his social media label Team 10, which means they were living in the same house with other YouTubers, per the outlet.

The pair started hooking up and dubbed themselves "Jalissa," even making YouTube videos together. Everything seemed peachy... until February 2017 when some serious drama started. And all of it was shared on social media.

Jake Paul claims he's 'the victim'

Alissa Violet initially started tweeting vague messages about bad friendships before sharing in late February 2017: "it f***ing sucks being so emotionally damaged by a person who you thought would always be there for you." On Snapchat (according to Seventeen), Alissa claimed Jake Paul was kicking her out as she filmed her stuff, which was all moved to the foyer of the house. She told her followers that Jake changed the locks on her and she was being forced to move.

However, Jake then took to Twitter to give his side. In a since-deleted tweet, Jake reportedly wrote (via Seventeen), "Predicted this is what she'd do. Jalissa WAS real. The problem is she cheated on me. I am the victim, not her." He later added in a subsequent tweet, "And she cheated on me with someone that was very close to me... which is why it hurts so bad."

To top things off, Jake then spoke about the breakup in a since-deleted YouTube video, where he claimed he made Alissa's career, saying, "I took her from 2,000 followers and working at Panera Bread to 5 million followers on social media and making $300,000 a year."

But Alissa wasn't having it — she tweeted back, "How could Jalissa be real when he had girl after girl over every single night in front of me?"

Alissa Violet shares 'the truth' about their relationship

Despite all of Jake Paul's claims that Alissa Violet cheated on him, Alissa posted a note on Twitter titled "The truth." In it, she wrote, "I did not cheat. Jalissa was never real." She also claimed that Jake had girls over all the time. After that, things took a downward turn.

"Then he would try and be cute with me the next morning and expect me to be ok with it. I have cried myself to sleep almost every single night, living in this house," Alissa wrote. "He would tell me he loved me, then hook up with a girl in front of me that same day. I loved him and he used it to his advantage for his company (Team 10) and to make money off me. He always tells me I wouldn't be s*** without him."

What happened after was basically a he-said/she-said back-and-forth between Jake and Alissa over social media, according to Seventeen. Fans and followers didn't know what to believe! Jake claimed his heart was broken, while Alissa said that he was lying about the cheating accusation and being really manipulative.

Alissa Violet alleges Jake Paul was emotionally abusive

In October 2018, Jake Paul and Alissa Violet spoke with YouTuber Shane Dawson separately. In Alissa's video, she shared a harrowing account of emotional abuse (as well as a few instances where things seemingly took a physical turn). 

"I wasn't getting abused every night when he came home from work. It wasn't, like, physical abuse," she said. "There was some things, like if we filmed a video and he had to push me into a bush, normally you would just act like you pushed harder — but he would actually shove me. He would just do it way too hard."

Alissa also recalled, "One time, we got into a fight, he broke my brand new phone. I took his phone to try to break it, ran up the stairs. He dragged me down the steps. He's not a physical abuser, but mentally and emotionally? 100%."

Additionally, Alissa admitted to hooking up with Jake's brother Logan Paul, who may be the someone "very close" to him he previously referenced on Twitter. Per Alissa's account, Jake didn't bring her on a ski trip because he wanted to hook up with other women, so she was angry and reached out to Logan. That's when things went down.

Per Mashable, Jake responded to Alissa's video with his own, saying, "She can go on ... and say whatever she wants, because that's only fair."

Jake Paul admits to being immature

When Jake Paul spoke with YouTuber Shane Dawson, he confirmed that Alissa Violet hooked up with his brother, Logan Paul. He also shared how he was trying to defend Logan by keeping the incident under-wraps.

"A lot of the reasons why I didn't talk about the situation is to defend my brother and that's why," he said. "Alissa and I always really liked each other. We were always like dating, not really. It was a rocky relationship. I wasn't — at the time — mature enough to know how to be a boyfriend."

Jake added, "Basically, I did a bunch of things that pissed her off and she wanted to get revenge, I guess is the word. It was just me not knowing how to treat her. It was just a bad situation, we just drove each other mad."

Both Alissa and Jake have since gone on to date other people, so the drama following their breakup seems long ago — but certainly isn't forgotten.

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