What Ally Brooke Has Been Up To Since Fifth Harmony's Split

Former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke hasn't been twiddling her thumbs since the group went on indefinite hiatus in March 2018. In fact, the songstress has been pretty busy creating music, competing on Dancing with the Stars, and finding her way as a solo artist in the music industry.

As she embarked on her new solo career, Brooke admitted she was ready to leave Fifth Harmony and the group dynamic. "I let the opinions overtake me and I felt like I needed to step back and really be mindful of who I was and what I did," she told Entertainment Tonight for the outlet's My Life as a Latina video series in 2018. "Even songwriting, it was hard to really do that in a group because there are so many opinions and for a little bit, you think, 'I'm not good enough.'"

She continued, "People put you in a box and everyone had their role but I didn't want to fit a role. I wanted to just be myself... I was sad. I was really heartbroken."

Now that she's moved on, the singer is performing as a solo act and finding her roots. "In this new experience that I'm being given, I just feel like I'm truly back to who I was," she told ET. "Back to the Ally that I want to be, and I'm in a place of such self-discovery. I just kinda imagine me now and the 12-year-old me meeting, and we're hugging and embracing again. I found you."

Ally Brooke wowed audiences on season 28 of 'Dancing with the Stars'

After the surprise announcement that girl group Fifth Harmony would be taking an indefinite hiatus, Ally Brooke took some time to record some records (between 40-50, per Harper's Bazaar!) After releasing two singles, "Low Key" with Tyga and "Lips Don't Lie" with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, per MTV, she joined the cast of season 28 of Dancing With the Stars.

Lo and behold, the former girl group member did very well on the show! She and her partner, pro Sasha Farber, came in third place and picked up some perfect scores along the way. "I honestly was surprised in my journey and how well I've actually done the past few weeks because I didn't come in as a trained dancer with an intense background," she told Good Morning America at the time.

"I mentioned on the show that I got made fun of a lot for my dancing, so clearly, I was not the best dancer," she added, referring to her onstage moves as part of Fifth Harmony. "At first I had a bumpy start in the competition, and then I started getting better... my body has felt so much stronger and better than ever," she said.

These days, the Latina singer is still releasing music. In February 2020, she joined Afrojack on his latest dance track, "All Night," according to MTV

All that to say, it definitely seems like Brooks is living her best life post-Fifth Harmony — just call her miss movin' on!