Celebs Who Can't Stand Post Malone

Post Malone is inarguably one of the biggest (and most controversial) artists around. Since exploding onto the scene with his surprise hit, "White Iverson," which was posted to SoundCloud back in 2015, Posty has found major success with two No. 1 albums and nine top 10 hits. In August 2018, he even broke a 34-year-old record held by Michael Jackson when his full-length debut, Stoney, spent "its 77th week in the top 10 of Billboard's Top R&B and Hip-Hop Albums chart — beating out the 76 triumphant weeks that Michael Jackson's Thriller spent up there in the Eighties," as revealed by Rolling Stone. 

What's more, is that Malone is showing no signs of slowing down. His follow-up album, Beerbongs & Bentleys, broke another impressive record, this one set by The Beatles, when nine of its songs landed in the top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, beating the legendary band's record of six simultaneous top 20 songs in the '60s. Meanwhile, his third release, Hollywood's Bleeding, which dropped in September 2019, became the most popular album of 2019 in the US in just a few short months.

But with success comes critique and Malone has had no shortage of haters — many of them from the hip hop community. Here are the celebs who just can't seem to stand Post Malone.

Yelawolf wants Post Malone to grow a pair

Yelawolf didn't hold back in March 2019 when he went after Machine Gun Kelly, G-Eazy, and Post Malone in a savage diss track called "Bloody Sunday." In the freestyle, the Alabama rapper slammed, "I would diss Post Malone but he don't even rap. F*** it, f*** Post Malone, just because, let's see if he answers back. All that chain stitchin' from Chill Bill, and the cowboy boots and hats," he continued. "Damn, Posty, why can't we be friends? Our clothes already match. Poser, biter, appropriation thief, give a f*** how many records you sold."

Malone responded, tweeting, "Yelawolf is a nerd, and this tweet is the only support I will offer his album. Also @Yelawolf please show me all your chill bill s*** please! Last I heard you was talking about how you wanted your s*** like mine, I have a couple lenders, don't worry! hmu dad." To prove his point, Malone shared a screenshot showing a positive comment Yelawolf left on his Instagram, adding, "Also lmk when your band is done with your dookie and wants to play some actual good music."

Looking to have the final word, Yelawolf Instagrammed a since-deleted snap of himself dressed in a cowboy outfit and, using Malone's middle name, wrote, "Richard look... Dad can't play catch with you right now.... maybe your little brother @g_eazy will play with you... or have the balls to actually record a comeback... thanks for the support a******."

Lil B called Post Malone 'thick' in the most bizarre feud

In October 2017, Lil B and Post Malone had the most bizarre Twitter feud after Lil B opened up about self-esteem and mental health, writing, "Dark skin black men you are not ugly! Stop saying that! It's wack and a lie!!!" He continued, "There is a special kind of anxiety and mental health issue that does not have a name but can [be] experienced from being black in America."

The California rapper then praised several artists, from Beastie Boys (who "seemed authentic!!! And pushed the culture forward!!!!!!!") to Eminem, before slamming Miley Cyrus and Post Malone. "[He] is slowly turning into a white dude!" he wrote. "He's pushing, give it a few years he gon' be full country and hate blacks lol."

Assuming Lil B's account had been hacked, Malone responded, "This is not Lil B nerd. Die." Unfortunately, he was wrong. Confirming he was the real deal, Lil B slammed, "Post Malone thick as f*** no h*** we going to see him rap 'White Iverson' in booty shorts!" He continued, "I said a harmless joke about my brother Post Malone about leaving hip hop to go country and he told me to go die smh love him still." Things went next-level bizarre as he concluded, "Someone tell Post Malone he is Kim K thick and he need to keep wearing them booty shorts when he rapping/singing country no h***." Don't worry, we're all confused.

Starlito accused Post Malone of blackface

Nashville rapper Starlito is not a fan of "White Iverson." Speaking with HipHopDX, he called the track "a little bit exploitive" and even compared it to blackface. So when Malone shared a photo of himself meeting the track's inspiration, NBA star Allen Iverson, Starlito had thoughts. "Plot Twist: Bubba Chuck snuffed him & will be wired $3M Tuesday a.m. when banks re-open #extortion #reappropriation," he tweeted in response to the pic.

After Malone quipped, "lol wish I had 3 million to wire," the pair went at it, finally causing the "Go Flex" rapper to return with a photo of himself posing next to his platinum records and a screenshot showing no results for 'Starlito' on the RIAA website. This caused Starlito to deliver one last message: "4x platinum and ain't got 3 mill[?] But hey, commemorative plaques are just as valuable... right?"

Explaining the feud to XXL, Starlito assured, "It was all a joke, but the inspiration for the joke was Allen Iverson's facial expression," adding, "Allen Iverson really looks like he doesn't want to take this picture." He then called Posty "a caricature" and reiterated, "To me, ['White Iverson'] was a celebration of white privilege. The 'White Iverson' thing is very, very, very close to like... blackface, to a minstrel show." As for Malone? "That type of s**t is the s**t that I've dealt with, ever since... everything," he told the mag. "I'm just in it for the music."

Earl Sweatshirt thought 'White Iverson' was a joke

First released on SoundCloud in February 2015, "White Iverson" made Post Malone a surprise star. It received major love from Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller who tweeted out the track, helping it go viral, and, in January 2016, "White Iverson" was certified platinum. It seemed like everyone on the planet had heard the breakout hit by then — everyone except Earl Sweatshirt.

The Chicago rapper didn't come across the track until after it went platinum, and he wasn't impressed. "Just heard the song 'White Iverson'" he tweeted, slamming, "Who mans is this lol, who let this slide." He returned with a second tweet, adding, "Lmao I'm a grown a** man, y'all have fun slappin that one." Malone clapped back with a big dose of sarcasm, as he temporarily updated his Twitter profile to feature a new hip hop name — Post Sweatpants — and retweeted a message calling for a Sweatshirt-Malone collaboration. He followed that up with a simple tweet: "I don't sweat s****."

In 2017, Earl Sweatshirt criticized Malone yet again after the "Better Now" rapper told Newonce, "If you're looking for lyrics, if you're looking to cry, if you're looking to think about life ... don't listen to hip hop." Responding to a since-deleted tweet featuring that quote, Sweatshirt slammed, "This yal man, n**** disrespected me over him." As HNHH pointed out, the message was likely referring to the backlash he received when he first criticized "White Iverson."

Charlamagne Tha God would banish Post Malone

On-air personality and Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God is known for his outspoken nature. Who could ever forget his famous live TV feud with Chanel West Coast

Well, Charlamagne also ripped into Post Malone in a 2020 interview with Where's Wallo. Asked which two people he'd throw out of the rap industry, Charlamagne instantly named Posty, then failed to come up with a second. "Post Malone, definitely," he proclaimed, explaining, "I don't really dig his music ... I think he's a fake Future and Future gets so much flack for being Future, but then you got a guy out there pretending to be Future, and that's Post Malone." He then tried to downplay his answer (not very convincingly), adding, "There's nobody that I absolutely despise ... I don't even really despise Post Malone like that. Just top of mind."

This wasn't the first time Charlamagne was caught criticizing Malone. In 2018, when Chicago Tribune wrote a feature on Malone, which asked, "Why is the rapper so popular?," Charlamagne told the outlet, "Every few years you get a Great White Hype." Comparing Malone to Macklemore and Iggy Azalea, he added, "I think Post Malone makes great records, but I don't think he's a good rapper at all. When you're looking for good lyrics you turn to Kendrick Lamar, you turn to J Cole, you turn to Wale, you turn to Chance the Rapper, you turn to Rapsody. You don't turn to Post Malone."

Russ accused Post Malone of being a poser

Charlamagne Tha God found a kindred spirit in Russell Vitale — better known as Russ — when the latter stopped by Brilliant Idiots, a podcast Charlamagne co-hosts with Andrew Schulz. While on the show, the New Jersey rapper (who is of Sicilian descent) was asked about cultural appropriation within hip hop, and, soon enough, Post Malone's name came up.

Explaining how he approaches rap, Russ noted, "If you're white in hip hop, you have to contribute to black culture in some sort of fashion. Otherwise, you are simply repeating history by coming into black culture, using that as a medium to steal and profit for self," he argued.

Not missing an opportunity to diss Malone, Charlamagne asked, "Are you talking about Post Malone? Sounds very Posty!" While Russ tried to make clear that he does like Malone's music, even calling it "phenomenal," he did concede that Charlamagne was on the ball. "I think that's a fair example," he started. "You come in with braids and golds to the point people are thinking you're mixed, and now, you know, you drink Bud Light and wear cowboy boots and stuff." Russ then concluded, "Those are fair critiques as far as like, yo, it feels like you came in and used hip hop because it's the coolest genre and the coolest look and aesthetic. You used it to propel yourself to the forefront and then you reverted back to who you really were."

Clint Bowyer thinks Posty sucks live

NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer has a bone to pick with Post Malone. The professional race car driver recalled being dragged to see Posty live in concert by his wife, Lorra, during Super Bowl weekend in 2019 and, well, he wasn't impressed.

Sharing his feelings for the rapper during an official NASCAR interview in February 2020, Bowyer slammed, "Posty showed up two hours late, he was drunk, played seven songs — kind of — and left. Posty sucked," he declared. Asked jokingly if he would ever consider tattooing his own face (as Malone has a lot of facial ink), Bowyer launched into another critique of the "White Iverson" hitmaker, saying, "No! That was another thing, I mean, I couldn't figure it out."

But while he's not a fan, the Kansas-born driver did admit, "Anybody that can tattoo their face to that extent, drink beer on stage to a lot of extent, show up two hours late, and leave after seven songs — he's doing something right." As for his better half, "somehow, she was satisfied." Posty, you've got a die-hard fan in Lorra.

Peter Rosenberg is done giving Post Malone passes

When Post Malone told Newonce that hip hop simply doesn't have the emotional impact of other musical genres, Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg went to town, announcing on Instagram (via Hot 97), "I'm done giving you passes, bro." After listing all the "passes" Malone had already gotten, Rosenberg called on him to "either leave hip hop and go make other music in another genre or start showing respect for hip hop." 

The radio personality then explained his stance the following day, telling his Hot 97 co-hosts, "It's not that I think Post means to do it and he's a bad guy, it's that he's being careless." He continued, "When you're a white artist who's making kind of cross-genre, hip hop-related music but you wear and you use every trope of hip hop ... the look of hip hop is all there, but the music is sort of in-between, and then, you don't show respect for hip hop ... [that's] dangerous territory." 

In the end, both Posty and the DJ had a chat in their Instagram messages, and as Rosenberg told his co-hosts the following day, "He clarified that he meant ... current, popular hip hop," adding that he cautioned the A-list rapper that he was being "careless." Although it looks like these two squashed their beef, it sounds like Rosenberg won't be inviting Post Malone back on his show anytime soon.