This Is What Sharon Martin Has Been Up To Since Snapped

If you're a fan of true crime, you're probably familiar with a television staple from before the genre boom: the Oxygen show Snapped. Since its first season in 2004, the show was a success for the network, and — as Variety noted in 2017 — was crucial programming when Oxygen decided to relaunch as a channel solely dedicated to true crime. (It's also it's longest-running, with Bad Girl's Club at a close second.)

For fans, one of the key components of the success of the show was the voice who delivered its stories: voiceover actor (and eventual show producer) Sharon Martin, a well-seasoned docuseries narrator. For 17 seasons, Martin's soothing, mellifluous pipes narrated tales of love gone wrong, murder-for-hire, and every sort of crime story in between.

Unfortunately for the show's audience, it wouldn't last forever. In 2018, after 17 seasons on the show, Martin announced to the world via Twitter the end of her tenure as Snapped's narrator.

"Tonight is my final episode of #Snapped," Martin posted on the social media network as a final farewell. "After 20 seasons, Oxygen is going in another direction with the show."

She then assured fans that they would still hear her voice from time to time — in reruns. "We have a fun project in the works," she added.

So what was this new project? And how did fans react to the Snapped mainstay's farewell?

Snapped fans make an unsuccessful bid to bring Sharon Martin back as host

Since Martin's departure, a number of fans have rallied for the former host to return to the show — some in more novel ways than others, including a petition to the Oxygen network penned by a diehard fan Michael Harriot. Harriot, who took some creative license and framed the opener petition as a "whodunnit" mystery. (As many a true crime aficionado — or aficionado of camp — would add: dun dun DUN!)

Unfortunately, the petition didn't make as much of an impact as hoped, garnering only 136 signatures since it was posted online in 2019.

So what has Martin been up to since leaving the longest-running crime show on Oxygen? What exactly became of the "fun project" she alluded to in her Twitter announcement in 2018? And how has the show fared since Martin left two years ago? Much like the premise of Snapped, much of it remains a mystery.

Sharon Martin's life after Snapped

Sharon Martin's role as Snapped's voice-over host and producer has been over for a while by now, and in its wake, it seems like she's taken the time since for a well-earned respite. While her Twitter bio lists Snapped and another Oxygen true crime show as her former and current gigs, respectively, the latter, Killerpost, ran for only one season in 2016. If we're to go by the former producer and narrator's Twitter account, Martin is focusing most of her energy these days on her teenage kids — they're apparently huge fans of The Bachelorette — and finding wholesome, fun activities to do at home during the COVID-19 quarantine, posting under the #StayAtHome hashtag.

As for the unnamed project? It looks like it's been on hold. The same goes for Martin's official Facebook page, which hasn't been updated since her Snapped swan song.

Martin's life nowadays might be a far cry from her stint narrating the criminal consequences that result when women (and men) are pushed to the brink, but all things considered, it's a break well-deserved.