J.E. Reich

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Boston, MA
Brooklyn College
Emerson College
Food And Culture, Politics Of Food, Food History Related To Marginalized Communities.
  • J.E. once ate their way through New York City's Jewish and/or kosher restaurant scene in the five boroughs for an article, and as a result knows the best (and tastiest) date spot in Brooklyn.
  • There is one, immovable truth for J.E.: New York City bagels are far superior to Montreal bagels.
  • Aside from their work as a reporter, essayist, and fiction writer, J.E. has been a lifelong cook and is one of the very few who carries the recipe for their grandmother's matzoh ball soup. Learning about their family recipes and how they were passed down through the generations instilled in them at a very early age the knowledge that food is a conduit for community, history, and culture.


J.E. Reich is a Jewish, nonbinary, and LGBTQ+ journalist and fiction writer whose work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Slate, Insider, Xtra Magazine, Jezebel, INTO, The Toast, The Forward, Autostraddle, and other places. Before taking on the role as Daily Meal's lead news editor, J.E. worked as a reporter and writer for well over a decade, specializing in politics, celebrity must-knows, true crime, obscure facts, intersectionality, queer culture, and everything in between. Since Daily Meal's relaunch as a Static Media site in 2022, J.E. has overseen the newest chapter in its vibrant history as lead news editor. They live in Boston with their partner.


J.E. Reich received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emerson College in writing, literature, and publishing in 2010 and a Master of Arts from Brooklyn College for English literature with a concentration in postcolonial studies in 2012.
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