Joe Biden Shares Special Message For Queen Elizabeth

While the most attention-grabbing aspect of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which took place on February 6, was her announcement that she intends for Camilla Bowles to be crowned Queen Consort after her death, it hasn't been the only newsworthy part of it all. Considering the Jubilee is, for the uninitiated, a celebration meant to honor the her 70th anniversary as the U.K.'s reigning monarch, it's only natural that outlets like The New York Times zeroed in on not only those who were there to celebrate with Elizabeth, but those who were absent from the proceedings. As the NYT noted, Prime Minister Boris Johnson publicly praised the queen for her "inspirational sense of duty and unwavering dedication to this nation" despite his current embroilment in Partygate. Conversely, among those conspicuously missing were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Andrew, who has more or less been in hiding in the wake of sexual abuse allegations against him (via Insider).

But as Town & Country noted in their own reporting, high-profile figures within U.K. borders were hardly the only ones to make headlines in relation to Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebration. Others of note included President Joe Biden, whose message to the monarch garnered enough attention to warrant an IRL response from Elizabeth herself.

Queen Elizabeth had a priceless reaction to Joe Biden's message

On February 6, the day of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebration, the White House Twitter account posted a message to the royal meant to pay tribute to her long-lasting reign — one which, as any fan of "The Crown" would tell you, forever changed the face of the U.K. as we know it. "Today we honor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the historic occasion of her Platinum Jubilee," read the tweet, one presumably co-signed by President Joe Biden. "Throughout the past 70 years, she has strengthened the ties of friendship, shared ideals, and faith in democracy that forever unite our countries." But as Town & Country noted, the social media post wasn't the only message sent to the queen to mark the occasion from across the pond. 

Per Metro UK, Biden had another private message sent to Elizabeth — one which she reviewed, along with other personal notes, in a video posted to numerous media outlets online. Alongside her private secretary, Sir Edward Young, the queen was shown picking out different notes and good tidings from one of her famous red boxes, which she uses to store documentation of that ilk. During the clip, Young pointed out one note, identifying it as Biden's, prompting Elizabeth to read it. After reading Biden's congratulatory message, the Queen responded in what many would consider a quintessentially British manner: "Oh, that's very kind, isn't it?" she said. A priceless, British-y one-liner, indeed.