Queen Elizabeth Is Returning To Work Following A COVID-19 Scare

Ever since the death of her husband Prince Philip in April 2021, it seems the precarious mortality of Queen Elizabeth II has been in the minds of both her subjects and those outside the U.K. to a much greater degree. Compounded by the natural stresses over public health induced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Elizabeth's health struggles over the past year have cropped up again and again in the headlines. In late October and November 2021, fears over whether the monarch would make it to her Platinum Jubilee in 2022 — one celebrating her 70th anniversary as Britain's reigning monarch — became part of the regular discourse

Though Elizabeth was hospitalized and subsequently released with a prescribed 14-day period of bed rest, one which seemed to aid in a seemingly full recovery, it's became apparent that nothing during the time of coronavirus can ever be certain. And now, according to recent February reports, it looks like another threat could have reared its ugly head: and this time, despite everyone's best efforts, it's in the form of an exposure to the virus.

Queen Elizabeth still plans to return to work despite her COVID-19 scare

As Page Six noted, Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 only two days after visiting his mother, Queen Elizabeth, for tea in February. Though The Sun reported that Elizabeth, who had previously received two requisite vaccination shots and a booster against the disease, shows no signs of symptoms so far, eyes are on whether the 95-year-old reigning British monarch could test positive in the days to come. 

In the meantime, however, it appears the queen has no plans to let a possible positive result get in the way of her royal duties. Per The Sun, sources close the royal inner circle confirmed she has not cancelled anything on her docket for the upcoming week, and will continued to be "monitored and tested" as a precautionary measure.

News of the queen's COVID-19 scare came to light in the middle of a government-named controversy which the press has named "Partygate" — in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson allegedly held a number of party-like events with members of his staff on Downing Street during lockdown, per NBC News. The public backlash against Johnson for seemingly flouting safety measures has been largely negative, leading many to call for his resignation.