The Dating Rumors Surrounding Brad Pitt And Singer Lykke Li Explained

In the post-Brangelina days, there is a huge focus on the former couple's new romantic endeavors. There's the now-infamous, almost bittersweet reunion between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the 2020 Screen Actor's Guild Awards, which sparked endless rumors as to whether their pre-Brangelina relationship was, in fact, the real storybook romance all along. (Spoiler alert: by all appearances, it isn't.) Or the thrill of possible Easter eggs via song between hip-hop artist The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie, a romance as unexpected as it is fascinating tabloid fodder. Regardless, it all goes back to the saga that is, or was, Brangelina. It also means that no matter what future romantic relationships lay ahead for either Jolie or Pitt, they will inevitably become yet another chapter in a media-constructed romantic epic. Now, the latest addition to it all is yet another unlikely character: Swedish singer Lykke Li. 

As The Sun reported on January 26, at least once source purportedly close to the situationship told the tabloid that Pitt and Li have been secretly dating since the summer of 2021. However, with a little digging, it appears it's just as likely that their purported romance could be yet another example of a fairy-tale fiction.

Brad Pitt and Lykke Li rumors have been swirling for months

The Sun reported that not only have Brad Pitt, 58, and Lykke Li, 35, been dating for about six months, but that they were spotted together at the Los Angeles restaurant Mother Wolf earlier in January. While the Daily Mail subsequently reported more of the same, the tabloid also noted that Deuxmoi, the Swedish Instagram gossip account who first broke the story, reported that Li and Pitt are "just friends."

Indeed, it seems very likely that a friendship, and only a friendship, could actually be the case. While The Sun's source told the tabloid that the two's proximity to each other as Los Angeles neighbors – they only live a three-minute drive from each other — was exactly what enabled them to "fly under the radar" dating-wise, such proximity could also make a platonic connection easy to maintain. So if we're going by whatever scant evidence we have, it's this: two neighbors, albeit celebrities, may or may not have gone to a restaurant together at least once. If that's all the evidence there is, one thing's for certain — it does not a relationship make.