Twitter Thinks Janet Jackson Is Sending Fans A Message About Justin Timberlake

Despite the fact that the #FreeBritney movement ostensibly only focused on one person and one goal — freeing pop music icon Britney Spears from her 13-year conservatorship and under the thumb of her father, Jamie Spears — it's undeniable that attention to the case had lasting ramifications and ripple effects. Perhaps one of the most unexpected has been the reckoning of one-time music industry golden boy Justin Timberlake for his role in capitalizing on his break-up with Spears, his former girlfriend, to further his career in tarnishing her reputation. Though Timberlake subsequently spoke out in support of Spears and her fight to end her conservatorship, for many observers, it was too little, too late. It also opened the pop star up to additional scrutiny regarding another incident in which another female pop superstar was humiliated while Timberlake once came out on top. That's right: Janet Jackson and the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show wardrobe malfunction.

Despite the apology Timberlake released via social media after fans and followers castigated him for allegedly exploiting both Jackson and Spears, it seems Jackson is, against all odds, speaking out in his defense. But even so, the Twitter denizens appear not to take too kindly to Timberlake — even if their idol does.

Janet Jackson told her followers to 'move on'

Janet Jackson addressed the infamous 2004 Super Bowl controversy — in which Justin Timberlake exposed her breast live on air during their halftime show performance — in episode four of "Janet Jackson," the Lifetime docuseries about the life of the pop singer. In the doc, Jackson told fans her take on the incident, which saw a sharp rise in album sales for Timberlake but led Jackson to be blackballed in the industry for a long stretch of time. 

"Honestly, this whole thing was blown way out of proportion," Jackson expressed, per People. "And, of course, it was an accident that should not have happened, but everyone is looking for someone to blame and that's got to stop." Jackson also stated that she and Timberlake "will always be very good friends ... [we] have moved on, and it's time for everyone else to do the same." She also shared a similar message on her Twitter account late on January 31: "I have no energy for hate. I either love you, wish you well or hope you heal." 

Despite Jackson's statement, it appears many of her fans have no intention of dropping their grudge against Timberlake. In response to Jackson's directive, one Twitter user posted a meme of a woman with her back turned — presumably to indicate ignoring Jackson's directive. Another fan simply put it this way: "No," while utilizing a GIF of Bugs Bunny. So unfortunately for Timberlake, it looks like the controversy is far from over, even if Jackson herself is over it.