Sarah Palin's Behavior After Her COVID-19 Diagnosis Is Raising Major Eyebrows

In the two years since COVID-19 made landfall on American shores, the politicization of the pandemic itself is still in full force. Despite the ebbs and flows of the pandemic's infection and death rates – and curbs in its spread thanks to safety measures like masking and vaccines — COVID-19 misinformation and downplaying its severity have contributed to prolonging the ordeal. Though scientists and experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have been consistent in their recommendations for stamping out COVID-19, other public figures, many of them right-leaning, have stood in staunch opposition. For example, during a conservative summit in December 2021, Fox News anchor Jesse Watters went even further when he seemingly implied his listeners to take violent action.

As divisive as the COVID-19 pandemic has become, there seems to be at least the suggestion of a line one can't cross: knowingly exposing others after testing positive. This seems to be the case for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who reportedly tested positive in late January in New York City, where she traveled for a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times, per The Washington Post. What she did after receiving her results has caused its own kind of controversy — especially considering her previous public statements about the virus itself.

Sarah Palin was caught dining out days after testing positive

Sarah Palin was spotted twice dining out in the Upper East Side only days after receiving a positive result for COVID-19, as Gothamist reported on January 27. Palin, who is unvaccinated, could be seen at an Italian restaurant called Elio's on January 22 and 26, and reportedly ate outdoors both times. She was seen out less than five days after receiving results, and less than the five day quarantine window recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. As The Washington Post noted, it is against New York City safety mandates for a restaurant to serve diners indoors who do not have proof of vaccination. However, outdoor dining is allowed.

Since the story broke, social media users have expressed outrage towards Palin for putting others in danger. In one tweet, Piers Morgan expressed his dismay, writing, "I'm staggered that Sarah Palin would be so selfish and not care about anyone else but herself." Others railed against Elio's for allowing the situation in the first place. "Why are New York restaurants serving Sarah Palin two days after she tested positive for COVID?" one person tweeted.

Even though Palin is not vaccinated, flouting safety recommendations seems counter to what she has previously said on the record. In 2021, Palin — who previously contracted COVID-19 in March of that year — encouraged others to "be vigilant" and "use common sense," according to People. As of this report, she has not commented on the restaurant incident.