Britney Spears Reveals Rule She Once Broke During Vegas Residency

In the months since pop icon Britney Spears' conservatorship ended in November 2021, the "Toxic" singer has been able to share more about her life throughout the 13 years she existed at the legally binding whims of others. Prior to the termination of the conservatorship — which was largely overseen by her father Jamie Spears for the majority of its duration — fans and followers of the #FreeBritney movement were all too aware of the possibility of censorship regarding what she could and could not say, even on her social media accounts. In September 2021, Spears temporarily took down her Instagram page after she wrote about waiting "13 years and counting for my freedom," though she later stated she shut down the account in order to focus on her engagement to her fiance, actor Sam Ashgari

Regardless of whether or not this was actually the case, it remains clear that Spears is now able to enjoy the ability to post about whatever she feels like, including the ins and outs of her four-year Las Vegas residency. To the delight of many, it seems this also includes more personal, intimate fare, like how Spears might have lived under the shadow of rules and restrictions for years — and that despite this, she didn't always follow them.

Britney Spears sometimes 'cheated' by ignoring this wardrobe rule

On January 25, Britney Spears shared a clip of herself modeling her new swimsuit on Instagram. In the caption, however, the singer revealed that, during her Las Vegas residency, which lasted from 2015 to 2018, she had been required to follow a somewhat strange, strict costume requirement. Spears wrote that, during the entire residency run, she was made to wear "two layers of tights" during her shows — but she didn't always adhere to it. Spears confessed she "cheated" one night, adding "I swear I danced and moved waaay faster with nothing on them."

It is not clear as to why Spears was made to wear two layers of tights — a quick Google search will yield little to no results on residency rules concerning tights in Las Vegas. In the years since her residency, there has been little written about what Spears' costuming requirements and restrictions were — only that, as InStyle noted in 2016, designers like Nicolas Jebran and Soyon An (the later of whom has also designed costumes for Katy Perry and Taylor Swift) created the pieces, a few of which were an homage to earlier days in Spears' career. (Unsurprisingly, one costume was a green and yellow riff on a school girl uniform, a la "Hit Me Baby One More Time.")