What Bill Hader And Anna Kendrick Said About Each Other Before Their Rumored Romance

For the past two years, COVID-19 has certainly changed the many ways in which we navigate the world, both literally and metaphorically. This has, for many, included the way we approach romance: swapping dinner and drinks for Zoom meet-and-greets, quarantining for weeks in anticipation of receiving a future hug or first kiss — the list goes on and on. But, despite the looming stresses of a global pandemic, romance has, despite all odds, been able to continue to blossom. And it seems the same can be said for Hollywood's elite falling in love in the time of coronavirus. For the latest example, look no further than rumored Hollywood power couple Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader

As Us Weekly confirmed with a source close to the purported couple, Hader and Kendrick have been allegedly dating for over a year after working together on the 2019 Disney+ movie "Noelle." Per the source, Kendrick and Hader knew each other "for years," but began dating after both of them found themselves "single at the same time." Speaking of their dynamic together, the source added, "They're really into each other and make each other laugh — a lot ... they're keeping their relationship private, but friends close to them know." Considering the things Hader and Kendrick have respectively said about each other pre-romance, it's no surprise their fondness developed from there.

Anna Kendrick said Bill Hader could always make her laugh

As People reported on January 21, rumored couple Anna Kendrick at Bill Hader appeared to admire each other from the start — at least according to what each has said about the other in interviews pre-dating their romance. Kendrick, star of the 2019 movie "Noelle," recalled in an interview with Collider how the "Saturday Night Live" alum could make her laugh so easily, even in between takes on set. "Breaking [character] is a big problem for me." Kendrick explained. "But, luckily, Bill describes himself as a soft touch, so if I break, he breaks. So I can be like, 'He started it!'"

In another behind-the-scenes interview, Hader spoke admiringly about Kendrick's hardworking nature and character. "She's a great performer," said Hader. "She's just such a strong performer, and that's always great because it raises your game, you know what I mean?" He continued, "She's one of those people, she knows all her lines and all your lines," before jokingly adding, "and I don't know my lines ... I'm going like, 'Can I look at the script again?' And she's like, 'Why don't you know your lines?'"