Here's How Much Andrew Cuomo Is Really Worth

Andrew Cuomo, the 56th Governor of New York, is winning in the news lately because of his precise and realistic reaction to the coronavirus. While he's great in a crisis, he's also implemented some very significant changes in New York. Under his governance, "New York passed marriage equality" and implemented a $15 minimum wage, according to his biography on the official Governor's site for New York State.

Cuomo is New York through and through. Born on Dec. 6, 1957, Cuomo grew up in Queens with his siblings and parents, Mario Cuomo & Matilda Raffa Cuomo. He graduated from Fordham University in the Bronx in 1979, according to his bio, and earned a law degree from Albany Law School in 1982.

Cuomo became the Governor of New York on Jan. 1, 2011, and when he was re-elected in November 2018, he won with "the largest number of votes of any governor in both the primary and the general elections," per his bio. While he's obviously been a huge success at his job, Cuomo comes from an influential family, with his father, Mario Cuomo, serving as the 52nd Governor of New York from 1983-1994, according to The New York Times. Not only that, but his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, is a prominent correspondent on CNN. 

So with such an influential family and such a public position, what is Andrew Cuomo worth?

Andrew Cuomo made $1 a year working under his father, Mario Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo wasn't always making the big bucks. When his father, Mario Cuomo, was running for governor in 1982, Andrew became his campaign manager and, after his father was elected, Andrew joined his staff as an adviser, according to New York Daily News. According to the outlet: "Cuomo helped get his father elected governor in 1982, and served as his top adviser, earning $1 a year." The topic has served as fuel for many jokes and, according to U.S. News, Andrew teased that he never received the $1 a year he was owed.

Andrew's intelligence is of a more practical kind than that of his father's. According to U.S. News, while Mario stayed in the realm of "lofty ideas and eloquent speeches," Andrew remained invested in practicalities like "how to win the suburbs and keep the political coalition together."

The experience of working for his father helped Andrew grow. According to New York Daily News, Andrew started out as "an arrogant, bare-knuckled political operative for his father" and finally blossomed into "a respected, and respectful, public servant deserving of that office himself."

Andrew Cuomo: marriage, divorce and relationships

Andrew Cuomo was married to Kerry Kennedy, the seventh child of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Skakel Kennedy, 1990 until 2005. Their relationship was jokingly called "Cuomolot," according to New York Daily News. They were engaged in 1990 and their relationship was celebrated as a union of two political dynasties, per the outlet.

Their marriage was a public one and outlets found tidbits about their personal lives to exploit. For instance, according to New York Daily News, "the Kennedy-Cuomo household was furnished with Porthault bed sheets that cost $20,000 a set."

In 2003, news broke that Kennedy was having an affair with a polo player named Bruce Colley. When news broke that Cuomo and Kennedy were separating, the publicized language said that it was "amicable," according to New York Daily News. However, Cuomo's lawyer said that he was "betrayed and saddened."

Following their split, Cuomo met Food Network star Sandra Lee in 2005. They moved in together in 2011 and lived in Westchester County, New York. However, in 2019, they announced that they had split.

Andrew Cuomo's money flow doesn't just come from his current gig

In addition to being the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo is also a published author. With all of these accomplishments, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the politician's net worth is $5 million. According to the outlet, when Cuomo became New York's Attorney General in 2010, he had to release the very first detailed report of his wealth. Through that document, it was discovered that Cuomo made "$1 million per year in 2004 and 2005" working as an advisor to Andrew Farkas, the real estate tycoon, per Celebrity Net Worth.

In 2015, his financial disclosure revealed that he made "$650,000 in book royalties from his memoir," All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success in Politics and Life, which came out in 2014. Cuomo also published the book Crossroads: The Future of American Politics in 2003.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cuomo makes $200,000 a year working as the Governor of New York. Thanks to that position, he also maintains a residency at the "New York State Executive Mansion on Eagle Street in downtown Albany."

But Cuomo's not just a high-profile politician. According to his Twitter, he's also a fisherman and a motorcycle enthusiast, but most importantly he's a father to his three daughters: Mariah, Cara, and Michaela, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Kerry Kennedy.