The Untold Truth Of Chris Cuomo's Wife

As coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has become an undeniable beacon of hope and strength during this time of uncertainty. But in recent days, the battle against COVID-19 became even more personal for New York's top official, as Cuomo's brother CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tested positive for coronavirus.

Chris revealed his diagnosis on Twitter, telling his 1.6 million followers he'd been experiencing "fever, chills, and shortness of breath." He joked that his family was "pleased" to have him "quarantined" in the basement, but Chris also expressed concern that he'd already exposed his wife Cristina and their three children. "That would make me feel worse than this illness!" he wrote.

Days later, Chris expressed his appreciation during one of his brother Andrew's daily press conferences. "I see why it takes people out, you got to rest because your body has a fever because it's fighting the disease," he said (via C-SPAN). "I'm very lucky. I have a wife, who loves me and keeps me fed. A lot of people are fighting this alone. And I can't imagine that. I can barely, you know, keep it together." 

He's lucky, indeed! After all, Chris Cuomo's wife Cristina Greeven has devoted her life to health and wellness.

Chris Cuomo's wife runs her own lifestyle magazine

While Chris Cuomo is famous for his work with ABC News and CNN, he's not the only family member in the media. Cristina Greeven is the founder and editor of Purist, an online magazine devoted to health and wellness. Launched in 2017, the publication's About Us page explains that, after her three children were born, Greeven became "a student of nutrition and the mysteries of medicine."

"Wellness is no longer an indulgence, it's a necessity," she wrote. "The time is right for a good cleanse. I'm not just talking about a juice cleanse, I'm talking about mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, physically too. Our entire environment has become so toxic–from politics to pollution–people are looking for inspiration in their good health and good lives. It's time to arm oneself against the cacophony coming from disparate places."

Prior to Purist, Greeven served as the editor-in-chief of Manhattan and Beach, which are both owned by Modern Luxury. However, as the New York Post reported, Greeven was released from her role when the parent company downsized and laid off the majority of its staff in 2016. But this unfortunate turn sparked her current editorial endeavor, so it must be true — when one door closes, another opens!

Cristina Greeven wants to help those stuck at home during the coronavirus

As her husband recovers from COVID-19, Cristina Greeven hasn't let social distancing during the pandemic stop her from encouraging readers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Greeven launched Purist's "Quarantine Cuisine" to provide "homemade comfort in trying times." Her first recipe, posted in partnership with Chef Adam Kenworthy, promises flavorful veggie tacos that are "a great way to encourage people to work with what they have."

"There's no time like the present, when the country is in self-quarantine, to learn to cook for yourself," Greeven wrote. "Chef Adam Kenworthy... likes to keep things loose in the kitchen, and now more than ever, that's paramount."

Greeven also posted an at-home workout routine on Instagram to encourage her followers to maintain health and combat stress. "Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system. And when your heart and lung health are strong, you have more energy to handle the host of chores that comes with this new normal at home," Greeven wrote.

She admitted on Instagram, "Last week, I was struggling to make time for movement as I slumped at my desk all day... So, this week, I forced myself to commit to an early morning daily practice to keep serotonin and endorphins (feel good hormones) balancing out cortisol (stress) which are heightened at any sign of a creeping virus." It sounds like Greeven will surely help Chris Cuomo recover in no time!

Chris Cuomo and Cristina Greeven are a match 'made in heaven'

Chris Cuomo and Cristina Greeven got married at the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church in Southampton, Long Island on Nov. 24, 2001. Despite the fact that the bride arrived 30 minutes late, Chris' father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, was thrilled to welcome Greeven to his family. "If this match between Chris and Cristina is not made in heaven, it's certainly made in the vicinity near heaven," Mario told the New York Daily News on the day of the ceremony. "They are both bright, sincere and intelligent people."

Now, more than 18 years later, the couple has three children — Bella, 17; Mario Jr., 14; and Carolina, 11 — and they all share their mom's love for the outdoors. "My fervor knows no bounds when it comes to my fearless, funny, forward-thinking brood," Greeven wrote on Instagram last Mother's Day. "I am so grateful to be your mom and to learn from you every day!"

If they aren't skiing or surfing, they're probably singing Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" on the way to school. The Cuomo family's joie de vivre will certainly help them pull through any health crisis that comes their way.

Cristina Greeven gives an update on her husband's condition

As mentioned, Cristina Greeven has been sharing wellness ideas with her Instagram followers about how to cope during quarantine. And she's definitely putting her money where her mouth is when it comes to looking after her recovering husband. On April 6, 2020, Greeven shared an update about Chris Cuomo's coronavirus condition and it sounds like his family totally has his back.

Along with a photo gallery of her husband, his meds, and what he's been eating and drinking, Greeven explained on Instagram, "After one week of up and down symptoms—chills, body aches, total exhaustion, sleeplessness, and a fever that hit 103, he is on day 11 today, (day 1 being first day of allergy-like symptoms)—he seems slightly better, but still feels the incredible lethargy, with fever down to 99 for past 3 days."

Greeven added that Cuomo's oxygen levels were normal all week, and his senses of taste and smell resumed — just not "his usual hearty Italian appetite." She also listed a breakdown of everything he's consuming, as well as how he's getting some small amounts of movement and sunshine into his days. She thanked friends for their "homemade goodies" and everyone else for "the outpouring of love + humor" that's helping them get through this.

"Every day is a gift," Greeven wrote at the beginning of her IG update. And it sure seems like she's living by that motto.