The Truth About Future And Lori Harvey's Relationship

Rapper Future and Steve Harvey's daughter Lori Harvey may be a relatively new couple, but they're one of the most talked-about duos in the hip-hop universe. That might be because they each have their own history of drama. Case in point? Harvey was rumored to be dating her ex-boyfriend's much-older dad, Sean "Diddy" Combs, in 2019. Meanwhile, Future has six children with five different women (including Ciara!), per The Blast, and he's in the middle of legal battles with other alleged baby mamas. Additionally, there's a 13-year age gap between Future and Harvey.

All that being said, you know what they say: the heart wants what it wants. And judging by Future and Harvey's very public displays of affection, these two want each other. The pair first began sharing their relationship on social media in January 2020. They've seemingly been going strong ever since, but there may be more to this couple than meets the eye. Here's everything you need to know about this unexpected match.

Future and Lori Harvey may have connected years ago

Rumors about a romance blossoming between Future and Lori Harvey began to ramp up at the end of 2019. First, Harvey helped Future celebrate his birthday in November 2019, and then they were spotted "getting cozy" in Abu Dhabi in December 2019, per E! News. One month later, Harvey shared a video of her and Future engaged in some serious PDA on her Instagram Stories, seemingly confirming the rumors. While they didn't officially go public until early 2020, these two may have had a connection long before they let on. 

According to OK magazine, Harvey shared a photo of her dog on her Instagram Stories in March 2020. She revealed the "fun fact" that Future had actually gifted her the pooch. Pretty sweet, right? However, she noted that the rapper got her the dog almost two years prior, at which time they were most definitely not together — at least not publicly. 

At that time, Harvey had just broken off her engagement to Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay, and Future was in the midst of having a child with his then-girlfriend, Joie Chavis (via Hot New Hip-Hop). Harvey deleted the photo from her Story after posting, but, by then, fans had already put two-and-two together.

Future is 'taking his time' with the relationship

Future and Lori Harvey haven't officially confirmed their relationship status. They have, however, continued to post lots of photos and videos of each other on social media. In an interview with XXL magazine, Future explained his choice to stay mostly private about his relationship while also sharing some parts with fans.

"It's just, you know, what to give and you know what not to put out or whatever it is. You still try and find those different ways to keep it private but some way to give your fans little insights into what is going on in your life," Future said. "You get the people in the world who want to know, so you open up a little bit, but you got to save majority for yourself and your partner."

Needless to say, there have already been plenty of pregnancy and engagement rumors. At one point, Harvey posted a picture with a sonogram in the background, which really got the rumor mills going (via Hollywood Life). But, as far as his love life goes, Future told XXL that he's "just taking my time with everything right now, life is good. I just want to take my time with everything."

The pair reportedly live together in Los Angeles, according to The Blast

Lori Harvey's parents may not approve

While Future and Lori Harvey seem happy together, the rapper may have to work to earn his girlfriend's parents' approval. She doesn't just have a typical set of parents, either — her mom, Marjorie Harvey, has been married to superstar comedian and host Steve Harvey since Lori was 10, and Steve adopted Lori as his own.

According to Hip Hollywood, Marjorie once gave dating advice to her daughter in a segment for Steve Harvey's former daytime talk show, Steve Harvey. "No athletes. No rappers. We gonna go down the list," Marjorie warned jokingly. "Always be a lady. And understand you are the prize."

Of course, Future falls into the "rapper" category of that list. But it wouldn't be the first time Lori has neglected to heed her mom's advice; her ex-fiance, Memphis Depay, was an athlete. Also, there was that brief, rumored fling with Diddy.

Meanwhile, Steve is decidedly not interested in commenting on his daughter's love life. The Hollywood Fix asked him in January 2020 how he feels about Lori dating Future. His reply: "I don't know nothing about it." The outlet then asked, "Do you approve of Future?" Again, he said, "I don't know nothing about it."

At 23 years old, Lori is old enough to make her own dating decisions. We'll have to stay tuned to see how this controversial partnership pans out.