The Truth About Steve Harvey's Daughters

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Since rising to fame in the mid-90s as the titular star of The Steve Harvey Show, Steve Harvey has gone on to become a television staple. Over the years, the comedian has hosted everything from Family Feud to the Miss Universe pageant. But his on-screen career isn't the only thing Harvey has been focused on over the years — he's also a devoted family man. 

Harvey is a loving dad to seven kids (four biological and three from wife Marjorie Harvey's previous marriage). According to Essence, twins Karli and Brandi came first, born in 1982, during his marriage to Marcia Harvey. The former couple's son, Broderick, Jr., followed in 1991. Steve Harvey later remarried to Mary Lee Harvey and they welcomed a son named Wynton in 1997. When the TV star tied the knot for the third and final time with Marjorie Harvey in 2007, he began raising her three kids, Lori, Morgan and Jason, as his own. While discussing his blended family with Good Morning America, he revealed that the Harveys "don't use the term stepchildren," because they don't want any of their kiddos "to feel alienated."

While they certainly aren't as well-known as their famous father, there's a lot to know about Steve Harvey's children — especially his daughters.

Steve Harvey abandoned daughters Brandi and Karli

When twins Brandi and Karli Harvey were young, they were admittedly abandoned by their soon-to-be famous father, who chose to pursue his comedic dreams over his family. While speaking with People in 2016, Steve Harvey revealed how he quit his stable gig as an insurance salesman after winning a $50 first place prize at his first-ever stand-up show: "I'm married, I have twins, I'm supposed to provide for them, but I had to take this chance." 

His first marriage fell apart and he became estranged from his daughters, but the trio thankfully reconciled years later, giving Harvey a second chance with his eldest kiddos. Having since rebuilt a strong relationship, the comedian recalled how his daughters had told him, "'Dad, we didn't understand why you left us, but we know now you had to go. You didn't just belong to us. You belonged to the world.'" 

When Karli tied the knot in 2015, Harvey walked her down the aisle. "You're an amazing dad. No matter what," the bride gushed on the Steve Harvey show (via Entertainment Tonight). "You are an amazing man. I wouldn't trade you for the world. I just love you so much." And the feeling is mutual. While celebrating the twins' birthday in 2019, Harvey wrote on Instagram, "Along with my mother these girls of mine were the first time I ever loved anyone more than myself. @iambrandiharvey and @iamkarliraymond I love you with all my heart." 

Harvey's twins might not get along with their stepmom

Steve Harvey has called Marjorie Harvey his wife since 2007, but in over a decade, it seems as though she and Steve's eldest daughters, Brandi and Karli, may have been unable to find common ground. Marjorie is fond of spending quality time with her large blended family, but she's repeatedly been accused of shutting the twins out, as they're usually MIA in her family photos.

When Marjorie shared a video showcasing the Harvey family's festive home decor during Christmas 2018, for example, fans immediately commented on the twins' noticeable absence. "This is beautiful but I always wonder why Steve's twin daughters are rarely ever a part of these family moments," one fan wrote, while another added, "Never, ever have seen the twin girls around Marjorie."

This theme continued the following August, when Marjorie posted an Instagram snapshot of the family enjoying a vacation in Monte Carlo — once again without the twins. "Doesn't Steve have other kids too? Why don't they ever go on these 'family' trips??" one follower asked. "Why the twins never show up?" another fan echoed, while yet another noted, "Nice picture. But y'all forgot the twins." Of course, it's important to note that this could all just be speculation.

Brandi Harvey went from bodybuilder to wellness coach

Brandi Harvey got her start as a professional bodybuilder and, as it turns out, was quite successful! In December 2018, she took to Instagram to share a photo of herself competing and winning second place in June 2008. Revealing just how crucial the sport was to her life and career, she wrote, "Bodybuilding taught me discipline, a winning mindset and how to manage my time to reach my goals. It taught me consistency. You get out what you put in. It's a life sport." 

While Brandi went on to admit that she wouldn't ever want to compete in bodybuilding again, she explained, "I'm onto the next thing to tackle and to crush." That includes being a "speaker and wellness expert." These days, Brandi regularly posts fitness and motivational videos to her account and runs Beyond Her, a community "for women to raise their consciousness and become more thoughtfully aware of what we are feeding your mind, body and soul." In addition to promoting self-care and a plant-based diet, the site focuses on "stories, research and advancements in the health and wellness space shared by women of color." 

Beyond Her also includes hands-on resources, like the e-book Go Beyond Her, "A 4-week guide that includes a plant-based lifestyle guide, grocery list, recipes, inspirational messages, journal prompts, and affirmation cards." 

Steve Harvey's daughter Brandi is also a published author

In addition to motivating her Instagram followers and running Beyond Her, Brandi Harvey officially added "author" to her list of achievements when she announced the October 2019 release of Breakthrough Sold Separately: Get Out of the Boat of Mediocrity and Walk on Water. This self-published, 115-page book built on Beyond Her's mission. "Shake off the chains of your past and step into your divine destiny," read its official Amazon description, as Brandi's first book offered up: "A blueprint to: Lose the victim story and take 100% responsibility for your life; Feel the emotions you've tried so hard to suppress and come out better on the other side; Renew your mind and choose the principles you want to live by; Set clear boundaries with your time and space to get the life and relationships you desire." 

Ranked at No. 194 in the Motivational Self-Help category in the Kindle store shortly following its release and at the time of this writing, Breakthrough Sold Separately perhaps hasn't exploded as Brandi may have hoped — but it certainly hasn't been dormant either.  

Karli Harvey is a proud wife and mother

While Brandi Harvey has focused most of her energy on pursuing health and wellness and helping others do the same, twin sister Karli has chosen to devote herself entirely to her growing family. After tying the knot in September 2015, Karli and her beau, basketball player-turned-mentor Benjamin Raymond, welcome son BJ Raymond in 2016.

Take one look at Karli's Instagram feed and you'll see it's filled with the two most important people in her life: her husband and her son. She regularly posts adorable pictures of her baby boy with sweet captions like, "My whole heart," and "I am so grateful for you. You are love in its purest form." The proud mom also has plenty of love to share for her beau. While celebrating their anniversary in 2019, she gushed, "I am so GRATEFUL for your love, friendship, partnership, companionship, patience, kindness, support and forgiveness! Thank you @iambenraymond for loving me just as I am. My life is more beautiful because you are in it. I love you more and more each day. #TeamRaymond."

These lovebirds have also shared their love story in an effort to empower and inspire other couples. In July 2019, Karli and Benjamin took part in the Black Love Summit. That September, they appeared on an episode of OWN's Black Love, a docu-series showcasing stories of love in the Black community. 

Steve Harvey's twins are on a mission to empower girls

In addition to their busy schedules, Steve Harvey's twin daughters, Brandi and Karli, are avid believers in taking time to empower young girls. In addition to their 2010 work with Young, Fit, & Fly to inspire students to be "physically fit, fashionably fit, financially fit, and fit for business, making you unquestionably fly," they've also worked with Disney Dreamers Academy to motivate teen girls to be their best possible selves for nearly a decade.

In 2017, for example, they explored the link between fashion and confidence. While speaking about their goal with The Grio, Karli revealed that their message to attendees was simple: "That you don't have to change who you are to be special. That if you just embrace who you are ... what you look like, then you will shine." Brandi elaborated on the importance of the seminar, noting, "When you start to alter yourself and change yourself, especially as a young girl ... and you haven't even fully developed into this woman that you're going to be, then how are you setting up your life?"  

The sisters also spoke about self-love at a 2019 event, where they taught young girls, "Although pretty comes with its privileges, it will be your substance that keeps you in the room ... That to be successful you will need to be smart, well-read, and hardworking. Pretty is cool but what else do you offer the world."

His daughter Lori is a budding model and makeup muse

Steve Harvey's daughter, Lori, is on a mission to become a social media influencer. In addition to constantly sharing sexy snaps with her Instagram followers, she's also been pursuing fashion and beauty. According to Vogue, Lori had her fashion "breakout moment" during Dolce & Gabbana's 2017 couture runway show at Milan Men's Fashion Week. This is also where she met celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath and became one of her close collaborators. 

Recalling their first encounter, Lori told the outlet, "She took really good care of me backstage and then when she wanted to work together, it was such a dream come true because she's always been one of my biggest beauty icons." In 2018, she starred in a campaign for the launch of Pat McGrath Labs' Mothership IV: Decadence Eye Palette and new MatteTrace Lipstick colors. As the makeup guru explained, "Lori is an obvious muse. She's a true beauty who radiates with effortless glamour and has such a rare energy."

Lori Harvey's romances keep making headlines

With dreams of becoming a supermodel, Lori Harvey keeps making headlines ... but they're usually tied to her love life rather than her career accomplishments. It all started in June 2017, when Lori got engaged to a Dutch soccer star by the name of Memphis Depay. At the time, she was thrilled, gushing on Instagram (via Essence), "I'm so blessed, I get to marry my best friend. I SAID YES!!!!!!!!!" But unfortunately, it seems this short-lived romance just wasn't meant to be, as the former couple called it quits that same year without much fanfare. 

However, that's when Lori's personal life really became the topic of hot discussion. She's since been romantically linked to singer Trey Songz, in addition to her rumored flings with rappers Future and Meek Mill and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. 

In March 2019, 22-year-old Lori was spotted spending time with 49-year-old rapper P. Diddy. OK! magazine reports they were first seen getting close at a party at the time. Flash forward to that September, when the surprising duo was photographed while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (via E! News). They even sparked pregnancy hearsay after the rapper was snapped rubbing Lori's belly. All that said, this alleged on-again, off-again couple has never publicly confirmed nor denied their supposed romance. 

Steve Harvey's daughter Morgan is a professional foodie

Steve Harvey's daughter, Morgan, may not make headlines as often as her other sisters, but she's an accomplished entrepreneur, partner, and mom in her own right. In 2011, Morgan graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in Baking and Pastry, and has since decided to focus her life on food, according to her dad's website. She later founded I Need Some Mo, a comprehensive blog that features kitchen hacks and recipes to help readers "get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or sometimes even 15!" 

In addition to these quick and easy meals, Morgan also shares cocktail recipes, party-friendly dishes, baby-approved plates, and more. She also penned her very own cookbook titled Party Heart, in which she shared 20 simple recipes that "will allow you to host a NO-FAIL party," including Cajun Chicken Wings, Pimento Cheese Dip, and even her grandma's Strawberry Cake. Yum!

While chasing her foodie dreams, Morgan is also a proud wife (she married college sweetheart Kareem Hawthorne, professionally known as DJ Bruckup, in 2013) and mama to daughter Elle.

Lori Harvey was arrested for a hit and run

Proof that you should never text and drive! On the evening of Oct. 20, 2019, Lori Harvey was involved in a car accident, because she was allegedly too busy looking at her phone. The incident took place in Beverly Hills when, according to an eye witness cited by OK! magazine, Steve Harvey's youngest daughter reportedly crashed into another car so hard, her Mercedes SUV actually flipped over. 

Thankfully, there were no reports of sustained injuries, but photos from the scene obtained by the media outlet showed just how serious the collision was, as Lori's airbags were deployed, her windshield was broken, and "parts of the vehicle were torn off and hanging loose." Yikes! When the person driving the other vehicle pulled Lori out of the driver's seat to safety, she may have tried to skip the thanks and exchange of insurance info. Rather, she allegedly tried to leave the scene of the accident.

When police arrived, Lori was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor hit and run and delaying a police investigation. "She was arrested for the two charges and released on scene, not booked," an authority from the Beverly Hills Police Department explained to OK! magazine. "She identified herself properly and signed a written promise to appear in court." 

At the time of this writing, the Harvey family have yet to publicly comment on the ordeal.